whats gonna be on my milkshake website :)

another milkshake website, yes. but i needed to get one for new coming followers that follow me later once a coloring tutorial is out, it'll be here.

what will be included ::

<> coloring tutorial
<> all of my fonts (rip hands)
<> colorings i personally made (free to use)
<> post ideas

and maybe more <3


please give coloring credits to @londonchvrs, not me!

alright so, open up the app called "24FPS" and put the filter called "tak3 on m3" i lost the picture of the code. @londonchvrs has it in her milkshake bio so make sure you go get that if you need it :)

next open up the app "ultralight" hit edit and go to the triangle and out the clarity at -7, next go to the left with 2 circles and put pink all the way up (+10) and save that video/picture.

next prequel, get your video and do these steps. (i wasn't totally sure what the effects and filter adjustments are but i have the way i got them!) alright first is effects! hit that and select "sparkle" set everything to 5 and filter to 0! hit filters and put the filter named "boston" adjust that to 20. now the actual adjustments lol

contrast :: -25
highlights :: 100
shadows :: -100
skintone :: 25
saturation :: -25
blur :: 50

next and final step is colourtone one!
hit collections and then hit jasmine hand
once you do, scroll until you find the filter named marble, adjust that but hitting it again and adjust it to 50 (60-70 depending on the lighting)

and your done!