The Prey

Save my family

What was Frank's motive?


Data sheet

Title: la proie
Country/year: France/2011
Cast: Albert Dupontel, Alice Taglioni, Stephane Debac, Natasha Regnier, Sergi Lopez.
Duration: 101 min
Producer: Brio films
Gender: Action


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Missing a few months to go out from jail, Franck Adrien shares a cell with Jean-Louis Maurel, a serial assasin who is declared inocent by justice. Franck trusted Maurel in order to protect his family outside prison. After this, the protagonist knew that his “friend” is a Monster, also that his family is in danger. For this reason he scaped from jail and started a persecution agaisnt the murder who´s wife is his accomplice. In this way, Franck has to face the police as well as an obssesive couple.



➖Franck Adrien: the thief who scape from jail to save his family. name of the actor: Albert Dupontel.

➖Claire Linné: the police that helped Franck and discovered the real killer. Actress name: Alice Taglioni.

➖Jean- Louis Maurel: the Rapist and assassin. This murderer carried out the kidnapping of Franck´s daughter. the actor is: Stéphane Debac.

➖Christine Maurel: the Maurel´s wife. She was the accomplice of the crimes. the actress is Natacha Régnier.

➖Anna Adrien: The Franck´s wife who was killed.


Save my family

In the movie of the prey, we see that the Frank's Adrien motive was always safe his Daughter and his wife of the danger that jean loui represented( the serial killer and rapist). If he escaped of the jail was because he didn't want to his family were 2 victims more.

The movie teach us the value of the family, because it's admirable how Frank did as much he could to save his family. Also the movie represents the infinite love that the parents have for their children, as a prove of that, Frank literally was in the border of dead for saving his daughter.


What the critics say?

La proie is a really good movie because it includes an interesting plot and a good message. From the beginning, the film captures the viewer to take him on a journey full of drama and suspense. All the scenes are very well elaborated, and the actors end up appropriating their role very well. Despite being a film little known for the public, today we recommend it because we are sure that you're going to enjoy an afternoon with popcorn and, of course, with a very good movie.


What the experts say...

Camille Lugan: Again, Albert Dupontel finds himself "locked outside". But this time he's on the run, the object of one hunt and the leader of another. So we run a lot in the new film by Eric Vallette, which rubs against a millimeter and cold scenario, pointing very clearly towards American thrillers and, new for 2011 obliges, towards their television versions of the last ten years, more crudely realistic. Here, the violence smells of hemoglobin and sweat, and the punches distributed all over the place make the bones very distinctly crack, to the greatest thrill of our ears. It is full of these good intentions that the film starts at full speed, to take the bet of the long distance. However, despite some rather gripping (and surprising!) Introductory sequences,The prey quickly finds itself handicapped by recurring and unfortunate side points which come to stop it in its course. Wanting too much to draw inspiration from Hollywood's mastery of action, the production gets stuck in a somewhat wobbly in-between, moderately panting, and which takes refuge behind the violence and excessive sound effects.

Anything for her

An unsolved crime

A innocent woman goes to jail and her family will be her only strength. The film completely introduces to its plot and immediately involves us with the characters.



It is about a family that is involved in a legal problem. Elsa, like anyone else, was constantly arguing with her boss. However, it seems that her boss had real enemies who wanted to end his life. Elsa arrived at the wrong time and in the wrong place. A woman murders Elsa's boss with a fire extinguisher, but this woman will not be the one who will to the jail, but Elsa is the one who will fall all the blame, because the evidence agrees that she was the murderer and her tracks speak for themselves alone. Large features, it is a family that has been affected by the malicious acts of another woman, a family that can be destroyed by lies and an unsolved crime.


A mouthful about anything for her...


➖Lisa Kruger: the victim of an unfair trial, the reason why she is in the jail. The actress is Diane Kruger.

➖Julien Auclert: the lisa´s husband. He did everything to help her. The actor is Vincent Lindon.

➖Oscar: the son of Lisa and Julien. At the the first twenty minutes he has started to forget his mother. The actor is Lancelot Roch.

➖The lawyer: She gave up on the Lisa´s case. The actress is Marie-France Santon.


Our criticism

this gripping French movie begins with a violent, bloody but unseen encounter, then flashes back three years to show how one morning the police burst into the house of happily married schoolteacher Julien (Vincent Lindon) and arrest his wife, Lisa (Diane Kruger) on suspicion of murdering her female boss. She's given a 20-year sentence and he's left to raise their small son, though some further, rather clumsily inserted flashbacks establish her innocence. When Lisa attempts suicide, Julien decides to spring her and take the family far away to create a new life. To this end, he consults an old lag who's made seven successful escapes. The movie invites the audience to empathise with a decent man driven by despair into dangerous criminal activities and we're on his side from start to finish.