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welcome to koko.tribe

I’m Keeley, lover to my high school sweetheart, Djanden & mama to our Koko girl.

We are on a journey of wellness, seeking tribe as we go, we are changing our way of life & facilitating the same for our tribe.

[koko] our daughter, our why.
[tribe] a collective of people who are of the same kind, or have the same values & interests.

This is a journey, a commitment to your home; the home of your soul.



our top recommendations in going lowtox

#1 Premium Starter Kit

Grab yourself a PSK, you will thank us later.
Yes we have multiple...
This is the gatekeeper to literally everything you could have ever dreamed of; community, lowtox, support, wellness, potential income, tribe.

The value of this kit is i.n.s.a.n.e, 60% off of the price that it would cost you to purchase the contents individually...

It is your key to a yl membership & wholesale pricing for forever more.

No monthly membership fees | No monthly orders if you don’t wish | tribe | community| resources

#2 essential rewards

This little baby is what we like to call our monthly wellness box aka christmas.every.month.

When you purchase a Premium Stater kit (our #1 lowtox must have) you have the opportunity to also join Essential Rewards (ER).

ER is a monthly delivery of lowtox products & 100% pure therapeutic essential oils straight to your door! It’s completely customisable, you get to choose what your order each month & when you order it!

No fees, no lock in contract, you are in control. You can change the processing days, even skip a month if you need & cancel at any time.

In our family, Djanden and I both have a monthly wellness box. It’s how we transfer buy, instead of getting our dishwashing & laundry liquids, our bath & body, hair & makeup products at the shops we get them delivered straight to our door.


For every item that you buy, you earn points back on! Those points are like account credits where you are able to use them to purchase products with... for free.

To say thank you for your loyalty, at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months - you are gifted with a free product!

Each month new incentives are released too, some months you may be gifted with 200-300$ worth of free products if you reach each PV tier.

All of this just for doing your monthly shop!

I know, you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true. Nope, it’s just that. Christmas. Every. Month.