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Kollo is a consulting firm that offers marketing strategies to Fortune 500 companies and Start Ups while supporting entrepreneurs of color.

Honoring heritage and belonging, our name “Kollo” is tribute to the Aymara language of the Andes, meaning “mountain,” and we offer clients strategies to reach the climb to success with inclusive programs that make their technology, product, and services shine.

Recently, we launched a blog to share real life stories of womxn founders that look at branding through the lens of cultural identity. We named this blog series, “Through Our Lens,” to honor the inspiring diversity in our communities.

Please follow us to stay updated on trends and inspiration for inclusive marketing strategies. As always, we welcome your ideas for fresh, meaningful content.

The Founder

Kimberly VanWagner Usewicz

I started this business in 2019 with the hopes of making corporate strategies more accessible to small business owners who wanted to illustrate their brand heritage in a creative way.

Part of it was fueled by me being First Generation. With an inherent urge to pass down stories, I had a natural calling to help others keep their identities alive!

I am honored we can use our social channels to inspire content that celebrates the diversity in our branding communities. Be it heritage, culture, accessibility, or community, everything shapes a founder’s story—myself included.