We are a team of serial daters by inherit social factors, not by choice. We are here to remind you that you are not alone in this spooky dating verse.

Have you ever had a connection so strong that it made you think you were delusional? You set your intentions from the beginning to eliminate confusion. And yet here you are weeks later with that connection gone w/o a trace.

Which Ghostin archetype resonates with something you’ve had to experience and overcome? Mint that NfT as a badge of honor. Use it as reminder of the struggle and how to never look back. Be proud of your growth as a human. Your person is out there somewhere and you’re on the way to something great.

Our hand drawn Ghostin archetypes were created by the notable Korean artist Hanul. Each stroke created with love for the hope of a real love.

Astrocat to the rescue

A planet that was once habitable is facing a major global warming crisis

Heatwaves are causing wildfires & burning down forests and cities. With nothing left behind, only one species survives. Meanwhile, the planet is still under attack by asteroids that need to be destroyed in order to save the last cat species on the planet. With nowhere to go, all cat species are on a quest to find a new planet to call home.

The need for a hero Astrocat was born to save the destiny of all cat species, fighting and shooting the asteroids that are attacking the planet.