DDM by korii

The first on-chain skill endorsement and vetting tool built for DAOs. Powered by NEAR >>>

What is a DDM? —

A DDM is a novel method for DAOs and DAO members to establish trust and engagement through community-sourced skill endorsements. Your DDM is your web3 pass, holding skill endorsements of your friends and colleagues on  your past achievements, current ventures and connections. By capturing a user's web3 journey into a DDM, DAOs and DAO members can experience various benefits.

Trust - DDMs are designed to capture skill endorsements and valuable social interactions, which would have otherwise been lost. By capturing these interactions, we can build a foundation of trust in the web3 space while preserving anonymity.

Efficiency - By offering a solution, which allows DAOs and members to verify the trustworthiness of individuals, efficiency gains can be realized on both sides. DDMs provide DAOs a useful vetting system to evaluate the risk of giving out a grant. Also, DDMs help an individual DAO member evaluate if they want to join a certain team. 

Engagement - Yeah, a simple endorsement like  “amazing job on the screen designs” "thank you" or praise are is cool, but collecting them on your DDM is better. Honest, positive feedback flashes our body with dopamine, and collecting is a powerful driver, which we inherited from our ancestors. DDM combines both of these elements and create an engaging user experience by makes progress visible.