I’d like to engage in this narrative yet I’m also glad to be secluded.

She is made of pixie dust mixed with a little hurricane, dancing in the rain.

Someone popular for not knowing what she wants. She chase adventures and typically consumed with wanderlust. She can sing at the top of her lungs when no one’s listening and can dance without anyone watching.

“An ultimate open book with blank spaces where anyone can be the pencil but I have with me my eraser.”

A girl jejunely clothe with mood swings, whose independently trying to be optimistic & fake maturity—because I’ll always have that toddler energy in me.

What’s up?

Don’t mind me

It’s 5 am and i can still remember how my alarm rang that made me jumped out of my bed. I cooked food and went straight to the shower as a part of my daily routine. Yes, college doesn’t just entail the fact that you’ll get loads of tension from school activities or bombarded with nerve-racking lessons but it also means “YOU NEED TO START LIVING ON YOUR OWN”.

Wait let me stop you there, I didn’t mean to reminisce and share every details of my cycle as a college student before this pandemic. It’s just that right at this very moment, i have the nuts to inform you of how exhausting but fulfilling college is.

They said, “HIGH SCHOOL IS THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE.” Well they failed, because they forgot to include college in it. Not to mention I actually enjoyed the life I’ve had in high school as well as the life i have right now. The only difference is, the level of stress.

—i don’t know how to continue this, i misplaced all the additional notion within me as of the moment...let me go back here when my thoughts become clearer than my eyesight.

A quick reminder: