Hey Friends, I'm Kourtney!!!

Oh, the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind. – Dr. Seuss

Hey y’all ✌🏼I’m Kourtney, and my life? It’s kinda crazy 🤪

For starters, I’m not a regular mom - I’m a cool mom
Ya know, the hot mess express with a dash of sarcasm  🤣💎
Listen, there’s nothing inside of me there isn’t inside of you. You truly CAN do what I do, you CAN make money from your phone even if you were my neighbor!
I’m not perfect by any means.
I forget to text people back. I raise my voice. My house isn’t clean all of the time.🤣 I’m a total Foodie aaaand I cuss more than I should.

But here’s my point. Social media is a highlight reel. I’m not a unicorn 🦄, I don’t have special talents or tricks. I’m just a girl who wanted more for her family, who wanted more for HERSELF! I wanted to LIVE, & not just survive.

I didn’t know it could or would come in the form that it has & honestly wasn’t open to something like this years ago. Admittedly, I thought I wasnt good enough, I thought I had to be this skinny 10/10 dime piece with a degree But turns out, jokes on me.

The joke was on me thinking that I was nothing special. But the joke is I was “supposed” to go get a job that didnt actually care about me or the hours I worked . The joke was me thinking that the “American Dream” was having someone tell me when I needed to be at work, what I was supposed to wear, and how long it should take me to eat my lunch.

Truthfully, I have never ran away from hard work, I love to work, I just wanted to feel like I was being compensated for the work I was putting in. About 7 months I did something I never imagined, I became an entrepreneur in what some label as “sales”. But it was the best decision I have ever made, & would make it 1,000 times again.

I don’t want to “sell” you on a product. I want to work WITH you to help you reach your health goals. I don’t want to be a sales pitch, I want to be a helpful resource for you and your goals. I don’t want to “convince” you to join this business...I want to show you that if you are looking for another way, a solution to your problems, I can offer one.

Because if this sarcastic hot mess express of a mama can do it...so can you! It's at least worth hearing about it!

Before you take this application, I want you to know some of the things you'll learn when you join me!

» How to make an income from Instagram + Facebook, and any other platforms
» The steps to become an influencer
» How to create aesthetic IG stories
» How to take IG worthy photos
» How to organically grow your IG & FB

+ so much more!

We will help you TRANSFORM your social media into a professional brand that personally fits you + we show you how it can make you an income!

So, ask yourself these questions -

» Are you goal oriented?
» Are you coachable?
» Work hard play hard mentality?
» Are you ready to hustle + change your life?

Now let's take this opportunity & turn passion & desire into an income + a life you LOVE!


I could talk forever about what this business has done for me, NOT just financially but mentally & physically too, but let's see what it can do for YOU. ⇢ I can't wait to talk with you !! Apply below & let's see if this opportunity is right for you!

- Kourtney ♥