Charli D’amelio

What this is

This is Colourings, Fonts and Anything you want ill do it. You can ask in my Q&A or comments about things you want me to put on this.. Ill do it for you guys <3

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My fonts!

And random fonts!

-Can dog
-Dino milk
-Blue eyes
-Cat cafe
-Mermaid bold
-Lion cub regular
-Cheeky rabbit
-Lemon milk
-Almond cream
-Fairy tales
-Candy icons
-Nature Pro
-Hug me tight
-Candy Beans
-Kg happy
-Bakso sapi
-Flower Girl
That’s it for now♥︎

    Not mine :)

    CC: Chvrlscloset
    1. Ultralight:
    Clarity: 10+
    Sharpen: -10
    Emphasise: -2
    Noise: -10

    2. Camera roll:
    Shadows: 100
    Sharpen: 100

    3. Ultralight
    Filter: Nature 4
    Clarity: +10
    Sharpen: -10

    4. Prequel:
    Effect: Cinema
    Filter: 100
    Dust: Optional

    CC: Simbolschrzq
    1. Ultralight:
    Clarity: +10
    Sharpen: -10

    2. Prequel:
    Exposure: -20
    Highlights: +5
    Shadows: +100
    Skintone: +30
    Blur: +30/50
    Filter: Lapland +100
    Effect: Stardust

    Filter: Coogee +50
    Shadows: +1.00
    Vibrance: +2.00

    CC: Cavicharls

    1. Prequel:
    Exposure: +50
    Shadows: +50
    Sharpen: +75
    Filter: Oklahoma
    Clarity: 100
    Filter: 0
    Grain: 0

    2. Prequel:
    Skintone: +50
    Blur: +25
    Effects: Cinema
    Dust: 100
    Filter: 100

    That’s all! (For now)

      Yours now!

      Do you prefer Baths or Showers?
      What’s your fav emoji?
      Are you a fanpage?
      Are you afraid of horror movies?
      Is your room aesthetic?
      How long have you had your acc?
      Do you have a dream user?
      Sweet or Salty Popcorn?
      What are you for Halloween?
      What’s your favourite show?
      Have you tried boba tea before?
      Have you tried any type of seafood?
      What do you like to do in your free time?
      Do you have thin your thick hair?
      Have you ever been to London?
      What’s your favourite colour?
      What’s your favourite colour to wear?
      Do you have the same timezone as your idol?
      Are you older or younger than 10 years old?
      What phone do you have? (Mines a _________)
      Do you wear Jewellery?
      Are you scared of heights?
      Is your real name in your user?
      Are you in a friend group?
      What’s your style?
      Do you support my idol?
      Are you allergic to anything?
      How long have you been your age? (in months)
      Is your old username taken?
      Do you have your own room?

      Plus loads more!! ☻︎☻︎