The Lip Diaries by KP

Follow me in my daily journey after getting lip filler for the first time!

Dear Diary, After performing multiple lip treatments on my patients, I decided to personally get them myself to truly understand what my lovey lip filler clients actually go through! Thank you @skin.smartie.rn for injecting me and popping my lip injection cherry. You were so good in walking me through especially since I was honestly nervous. Getting injections is to be honest for me not the most pleasant but after some numbing cream (as shown in the glistening film on my lips in the above photo), squeeze balls and distracting vibrating buzzers that help with the discomfort during injection, it was totally tolerable! We used a little over half a syringe of Juvaderm Ultra XC since I was going for a subtle look. It’s one thing to be giving post care instructions as a practitioner but another living it as a patient so I’m looking forward to an interesting next couple of days!

Day 1: One Hour Right After

Omg I know it’s just the swelling but they look huge and I feel like my lips are stretched out. The numbing has worn out already and I do feel like it’s throbbing a little. May take some Tylenol tonight. Seeing the boyfriend for a happy hour date after this and will have to break it to him that no heavy make out sessions are happening tonight.

Day 2: Big and Bruised

Phew I’m glad I took an Advil the night before because it doesn’t feel like it’s throbbing anymore. It still feels tight and still feels like I can’t talk properly or annunciate some words or drink out of a straw. I massaged my lips with bacitracin ointment to start out my day but it seems like outer layer of my lips still feels dry. Kept myself hydrated and trying to not eat salt if only to help the swelling go down. Oh and I thought I was clear of bruising since I didn’t see an immediate one the day before, but I for sure now see it on my upper lip. Checked for blood refill of the bruising and nothing to be worried about. Bruising is completely normal but perceptive lady friends have definitely asked if I got my lips done (boyfriend didn’t really notice btw, until I actually pointed it out to him haha)

Day 3: Still Big and Bruised

Hospital day so working with my lips covered with a mask, thank goodness because they’re still big and still bruised. But clearly even with the swelling, out of the 100 people coming in and out of our surgery department only two people really noticed my lips and it’s because of how I was eating or that I was talking funny. Happy to know that even though I thought my lips were big the amount we put in my lips was definitely subtle with the swelling... uh oh will this mean I will want more later?!

Day 4: Ooh they’re looking smooth

Got in my car and about to drive but had to pause and noticed how smooth my lips were looking despite the bruising still present. Maybe it’s the nice day lighting in the car, but it’s looking a little nice and hydrated and this is without gloss or lipstick!

Day 4: Taking them out for a ride...

... to Disneyland! My boyfriend and I happen to have a trip planned and it was time that I took these 👄 babies out in public and to Disneyland, where multiple photo ops were mandatory. Big smiles all around because they’re so smooth and hydrated looking and all I had on was gloss! I could totally get used to this... the storm troopers seem to like them I think, lol!

Day 5: Honey, did it shrink?

Wait, hold on, is it me or did I over used my lips at Disneyland? Just got back home and had to look at my lips. Bruising is gone for sure but why do I feel like they’re back to normal... wait, no, I feel like there is still some product there but I definitely feel like I can move them like how I was able to before... oh haha the swelling is gone. And guess what? As expected, maybe I want more filler LOL (spoken like a true lip filler patient amirite?)

Day 6: Putting on lipstick and loving it!

So THIS is what everyone is talking about! Lipstick makes such a difference and I feel like the subtle amount of filler that I got really highlights the pout of the lips when wearing lipstick. Didn’t even need a lip liner! Totally the look that I wanted: not over done but just a nice pretty pout :)

My Favorite Skincare Products

#notsponsored #ireallyjustlikethem

These are my tried and true in the medical grade skincare world! I have used each one for at least 6 months and have brought me a spark of Joy like Marie Kondo on spring cleaning!

Vitamin C: CESTA Serum

CESTA smells like “OMG you smell yummy” on a summer’s day, and what I put on first thing in the morning. You need Vitamin C to protect you from the damaging effects of sun, but more particularly you need CESTA if you want to immediately feel luxurious and like the Duchess of Windsor, because yes girl, this is Meaghan Markle’s choice Vitamin C.

Jan Marini

SPF: Colorescience Brush On Physical SPF 50

I. LOVE. BRUSH ON SPF. Especially when you’re at Disneyland sweating all day and replications is needed frequently. Colorescienced definitely nailed it for me when they’ve decided to come out with their brush on version with a brush that is so easy to use. It has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide meaning we got our reflective physical block, unlike most of the people in the park who were oozing with white creamy chemical sunscreen.

ULCO: Under the Lab Coat

What’s actually under my lab coat?

I’m a bargain shopper and I figured I’d share where I got my budget friendly clothing that are white coat friendly!


Sassy Comfortable