A little about my journey.

Just under a year ago I started an amazing journey to make myself feel better about myself!

I've never really liked my hair, it has always been frizzy and unmanageable. Then I had kids... while it is the most amazing gift in the world, no one ever said anything to prepare me for the after effects.

My hair became thinner and thinner, then it began disappearing around my forehead and temple area. I was sad anytime I tried to do anything with my hair, because in my eyes nothing could make it better.

I even went as far as to find a "miracle cure" from an ad on social media... well let's just say it didn't make my problems worse.

I never thought that a friend on social media would change my life. Just under a year ago she reached out to me and said 6 little words that have truly taken me on a journey.
What were the words that were so magical you ask... she said "Will you take my hair quiz?"
From that moment on my hair and skin have never been the same, I LOVE my hair!!

I joined an amazing group of supportive and caring people that have cheered me on every step of the way! I am creating my "back up plan", I did not go to college and have been in Public Safety for just over 18 years... I never thought about what happens if I don't want to do my job anymore? How will my family financially survive? What happens when unexpected bills come up? What do I want to do?

I made the leap into my "side hustle" and couldn't be happier. Earning another income while having fun and changing people's lives. I'm looking to encourage and support as many people that want to join me on this amazing journey!

Thanks for stopping by!
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