Hi, I’m Kaitlin

A healthy lifestyle enthusiast who learned the secret to life ❤️

I’m all about whatever makes you happy, do that. What makes me happy? Connecting with new people, seeing the world, drinking red wine, eating the carbs, and LIVING life. Oh and NASCAR, yes NASCAR, I said it.

I’ve always struggled with finding the balance in all of that though. How do I travel and see the world, eat all the good food and feel my best? How do I wear the bikini and get to eat the pizza?

After countless unhealthy restrictive diets and gym memberships failed me I realized what I needed was consistency not perfection. Show up every day for 30-60 minutes and make a commitment to myself. Once I stuck to it long enough I looked forward to it. Waking up before my alarm clock to work out became the best part of my day. Journaling my food became a fun puzzle. Eating the pizza came with zero guilt. I learned the secret to life is balance, not restrictive dieting😝

Health is more important than ever so let’s get healthy together! Note I didn’t say skinny, no number on a scale should ever dictate your health. In fact, just throw that scale away.

Are you ready to grow? 🦋