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Born in the year 2000, in a small city in the far East of Indonesia, Kupang, NTT. Nathasjja Kriescher is raised in the volatile balance of prestige and luxury at home, as well as the turmoils of discrimination, crime, gang violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, and street smarts in her overall environment.
In 2015, Nathasjja left her family and hometown with nothing but very little money to start a new life 768 miles away. Balancing freelance work and her studies from a young age gives her a forceful plunge into the real world – the grim and bitter, the ecstatic and rare happiness it comes with.

Nathasjja briefly studied international economy in one of the best universities in China, BFSU Solbridge, though shortly after, left to continue pursuing her career. She has worked in China, Sweden, and Denmark, holding various titles, all related to her field of study; market analyst, economy researcher, and the likes. Realizing this has never been her calling, she returns to her home country and decides to take time to cleanse her identity.

Soon after, it became apparent that life sciences, mechanical engineering, and arts has always been her life’s passion. Being raised by a once renowned chemist and born with hyperlexia consequent to her Asperger's syndrome, she was given stark exposure to the world of life sciences and the importance of lifelong learning from a very young age. She began working as a biochemistry research assistant in April 2020, her contract ended six months later, as the world enters an economic recession and our population is faced against a global pandemic.

Amid the darkness and lack of faith, she decided to change course, holding hands with irony and an inexplicable sense. Now, Nathasjja is a mechanic at a custom garage in Bali, as she tries to pave a path in her career as an artist.

English, Indonesian, Javanese, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Japanese

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