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About Me

So you see who i am

My name is Krisje, I'm a little girl in a big world. I come from the Netherlands. I'm living the nonsexual littlespace lifestyle 24/7. My little age fluctuates between 6 and 36 months, depending on the situation.
Littlespace has always been part of my life. It's part of my personality and it will always be part of my life. Honestly, i don't want to miss it.
My littlespace is real, everything you see is pure. I don't play pretend. What you get is a real toddler, with everything that goes along with it.

I used to have a remote caregiver, but recently we split up as daddy/daughter. We still have a good adult friendship.
So now I'm looking for a caregiver who can guide me more. Someone who will be able to fill my needs as a little in real life. Who will visit me frequently and has the time to roleplay with me on a daily basis and follow-up with rules.
And maybe, if everything feels right, to share more with than just littlespace.
(please don't flood me with messages, I'm looking for the right person.)

I enjoy music, nature, creativity, backing, jigsaw puzzles and lots more.
Little me loves music too, but also enjoys sensory toys, coloring, storytime, cuddles and so much more.

I'm a 100% non-sexual little. Don't sexualize my littlespace. My content will always be non-sexual. Even tho, i don't support minors in kink. So my account is for 18+ only.

Meet my siblings

I am the lucky one, because of all the siblings around me. I feel blessed being able to call them my friends. Not only as my little me, but also as my adult me.


The best big brother ever. He has always been there for me if i needed it. He is supersweet, loving, caring and most important, we have become great friend over the years.


One of my first big sister from when i first entered the community. We have a lot in common and she is so strong and always smiling. She lights up my day, every time i see or speak her.


Loving brother who have helped me through hard times, which I'm very greatfull for. We have a deep spiritual band, which make him really special to me.


My caring big sister who supports me. We can have long conversations, but also a lot of playtime.


My cute brother who i can play with for hours. We have gone through a lot together, and helped each other out.


My very first big sister, who loves to babysit me when there is no caregiver around. She is loving but also strict, i will not get away when mishief.


My precious big sister, who i share a special bond with. It took some time for us to get to know each other, but when time gone by, we build up a wonderful friendship we both enjoy.

Meet my stuffies

I have a lot a lot a lot of stuffies. Way too many to show them all up here. So here are some of my favorites.
Funny Fact: all my stuffies wear real cloth diapers, just like me.


Nijn was my first real abdl stuffie. She goes along to every meeting and playdate. Nijn is a rabbit with cute floppy ears. She is very soft and if i hug her, she hugs me back.


Lana is a brown bear, she is very soft and i sleep with her every night.


Kiki is a big bear who is a cuddle master. She gives the bestest hugs and because of her size, i feel really little. She alway sits at the end of my crib, watching over me as i sleep.


Snowy was given by a close friend.
I love the the way she feels, soft and rough at the same time. It's like an old stuffie, but still cozy enough to cuddle with.


Gina is my biggest stuffie. She is almost as tall as i am, which makes her perfect to get comfy and snuggle up against her.

Pooh Beer

My lovely big sized Winnie the Pooh stuffie. He has his own place on the couch, so he is always near for some cuddle time.


Tigger is the same size as Winnie the Pooh. He was given by 2 loving friends, during a very bad time in my life. He is perfect in so many ways and i love him so much.


So you know what i want

To prevent any confusion later, I want to set some rules for everyone who wants to follow me.

❌ You have to be older than 18 years old. I do not support minors in kink and i don't like to have followers who do. 

❌ Don't steal or use my content without my explicit permission. If you do, i will report you right away and will spread your name to warn others for you.

❌ I am 100% nonsexual. I don't want to see, hear or read anything that has something to do with that. It will trigger my multiple traumas, which is very hard to shake off.

❌ Due to severe ptsd, I regress to deal with bad experiences. It's not a kink or a fetisj. Please be gentle with me.

❌ I don't need unwanted photos or videos in my dm. If I want to, I will ask for it. An exception will be if it is some kind of check or game for my storyline.

❌ I don’t always respond to dm. Don't keep spamming me, if you do, the chance I will respond gets smaller by every message. Also messages in which is only said “hello” don’t make much of a difference. If you want real contact, tell me something about yourself and prove to me you really went through my profile.

❌ I am not interested in mommy or daddy services. I am looking for a longtime mommy or daddy relationship, based on friendship, in which both parties gain something out of it.

❌ I am also not interessted to be somebody's caregiver or sub. I am a little girl, so i don't have mommy feels and i am not interessted bdsm.

Please follow the rules. Breaking one of them will lead to an immediate block.


So you know what i need

As a follow-up of the rules, here my DNI's.

Please Do Not Interact of you:

🚫 If you are under 18 years old, or if you allow people under 18 to follow you, or if you follow accounts of people under 18. #NMIK

🚫 If you don't support the abdl community.

🚫 If you intent anything sexual.

🚫 If you don't accept others for who they are.

🚫 If you discriminate others in any way or form.

🚫 If you only want me to be your mommy.

🚫 If you only want to bully or intimidate me.

🚫 If you are not willing to take my feelings serious.

🚫 If you want me to engage in bdsm or similair activity's.

🚫 If you use any kind of voilence.

🚫 If you don't take the effort to read my account, before you engage me in anything.


Why 18+

Littlespace has always been a nonsexual thing for me. To be honest, i don't want it any other way. This means that my content will always be nonsexual, So you may ask yourself: why an 18+ account?

Well, there are several different reasons.
👂🏻Minors, ears open.👂🏻
These words have been written for you.

Your savety!!!
Littlespace is a headspace which makes you very vulnerable. Limits start to fade, when you completely open up to someone. But that trust can be broken, even in the best interestes, when you don't know for sure what the other would like.
Now see that in a big picture like the internet. Nobody know's for sure who they speak with, or schare with, or send pictures to, or planning to meet with. And more important, you don't know what kind of intentions someone has, or if they really are who they say they are.
I hate to say it, but even in this innocent looking community, there are bad people who will do you harm.

To be able to interact, all parties have to give concent. If you want to involve in any kind of fetisj, you have to be able to give content. By law, minors are not able to give concent for things meant to be for 18+

Problems you give others!!!
If you, as a minor, do try to involve in 18+ platforms, shops and services. You can cause big problems for the business and owners, by lying about your age and ignoring all warnings. Adults who, without knowing, interfere with you can be prosecuted by law.
For adult who willingly choose to interact with minors, can get even bigger problems. They, in their turn, can cause problems for adults who let them follow their accounts.

⚠️ So please ⚠️
Take this seriously and wait for your 18th birthday. I understand that it will be difficult, but it's best for you and everybody else.

To the adults who do allow minors in kink.
Take a good look at your own priorities.
Isn't it best to keep everyone safe?

You are great!!!

Last Words

Thank you for reading my whole bio.
I really appreciate it.

I hope you have an impression about who i am now. If you wanne know more. I frequently hold a question round on my instagram storyline. And maybe, if you are polite enough, i may be interessted in a conversation through dm.

Keep on visiting my accounts, there will be lots to see and enjoy.

Thanks again for talking the effort to get to know me better. Keep on going!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!

waves goodbye