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UGC Creator | Pinterest & TikTok Manager

I’m Kriselle and thank you so much for stopping by 🙋🏻‍♀️✨

I’m a Pinterest & TikTok Manager who also loves to create highly engaging UGC (user-generated content) for a wide range of lifestyle brands and passion-filled entrepreneurs.

I have over 8+ years experience in digital marketing, particularly in content creation & SEO, working both agency-side and in corporate, serving some of the most amazing clients worldwide. I’m now pivoting my expertise into focussing on helping creatives in the travel, food, home and lifestyle niches, exactly like yourself, in building thriving businesses from the ground up.

My background in SEO, Pinterest, TikTok Marketing & more recently, UGC creation will help you bridge the gap between your brand & your dream audience.

Together, we can totally up your game in more ways than one, by creating a magnetic presence that your brand truly deserves ⚡️

Are you ready?


TikTok Services

Leading trends and serving vibes globally, your brand needs to be there…


✨Monthly TikTok Management✨
A done-for-you monthly package where strategy, content creation/repurposing, engagement and reporting are all taken care of. This is perfect for creatives that want a right-hand woman in building relatable, personable and magnetic presence on the platform, taking advantage of TikTok's wildly successful organic reach, putting your story and your brand infront of over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide.

✨Monthly TikTok Content Planner✨
Perfect for creatives that just want to CREATE and want to take the hassle of having to strategise and research (for hours!) out of the equation, by letting me swoop in and strategically formulate a sustainable and custom TikTok content plan for your brand that'll bridge the gap between you and your dream audience!



✨TikTok Audit✨
Are you feeling burnt out from churning out so much content on TikTok but aren't even yielding the results you want? Or are you feeling lost about what to do and how? I've got you. With this audit, I will do a deep dive on your account and make actionable recommendations on how to improve your strategy, along with x30 TikTok content ideas custom to your niche & target audience.

✨TikTok Account Set-Up✨
For TikTok newbies who want to hit the ground running with a done-for-you account set-up from scratch so that you can begin your TikTok journey with confidence and ease! Deliverables will include profile set-up and optimisation, extensive bank of researched hashtags, x30 content ideas, workflow templates, hook and call-to-action templates and a TikTok strategy specific to your brand to help you start strong and sustain magnetic presence on the platform with ease and confidence.

Get in on all the action, now!

Pinterest Services

Get your brand on the world’s most loved visual search engine…


✨Monthly Pinterest Management✨
A done-for-you monthly package where strategy, pin content creation, engagement and reporting are all taken care of. Perfect for creatives that want to passively make their content go the extra thousand mile (and then some) through Pinterest's organic reach, putting your creations infront of over 400 million of its users worldwide. I take care of everything for you and you can be as hands-on or hands-off with the monthly running of your account as you wish.

✨Monthly Pin Designs✨
Do you love Pinterest but hate how time consuming it is to consistently maintain, nurture and grow your business' presence on the platform? Creating the actual pins not your cuppa tea? With these monthly pin design bundles, you'll be able to relieve youself of having to churn out tonnes of pins each month because I do it all for you! Bundles come in either x30, x60 or x90 custom pin designs created for your account each month.


(only one-time investments required)

✨Pinterest Account Set-Up✨
For content creators and business owners who are happy to manage their own Pinterest account but need help setting-up and making sure everything is in a good place before pinning away. With a super speedy 2-week turnaround, you'll have an entire Pinterest game plan, all mapped out for you to implement and have lots of fun with.

✨Pinterest Audit✨
Are you tired of seeing your Pinterest analytics stats stay stuck in the red for months and months on end and have no idea how to turn it all around before you decide to throw in the towel? Feeling a little lost on what could possibly be hindering your Pinterest growth and need a fresh pair of eyes to put you back on the right path of clarity and confidence? This service is for you!

Are you ready to take your pinning game to the next level?