Hi friends! Iā€™m Krissy šŸ’—

Im a busy mama of two who runs on coffee and good vibes! I like to keep it real on social media and share my ups and downs, struggles and successes, to show people how powerful they truly are! You can truly over come anything that life places in front of you!

After having my second child I developed severe postpartum anxiety with a side of depression. Life was hard. Simple tasks were difficult and I just longed to feel like me again.

I went from being dependent on anxiety and depression medications to being able to kick them to the curb, lose my pre-baby weight that I was struggling to get off, feel better than the old me that I longed to get back and built an amazing business through social media that allowed me to not have to return to work and be home full time time with my babes šŸ’•

Now I empower others do the exact same, while spreading hope and positivity and giving back!

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See ya on the inside xo