Wife, mama, influencer

Hi!! I’m Kristelle, married to Mr. Wonderful and those beautiful children you see are my life! I work from home selling health and beauty products. My hobbies are cooking and shopping!

A little about how I became a social media influencer... when I got pregnant with baby #3, my husband and I decided it was best if I quit my job at a university and stayed home with the kids. My entire paycheck would have gone straight to daycare and I was not happy about that. So we paid down the majority of our bills so that we didn’t stress about money.
Baby came and I was learning the ropes of a stay at home mom. Then the guilt creeped in, at no fault of my husbands. I didn’t want to spend money on things for myself.... a new top, a pedicure, a trip to Starbucks.... you know the things that keep us sane! I knew I needed to start bringing in some extra cash.
A friend from work, who was a new mama too, had been losing weight so I asked her what she was doing. She told me about these weight loss products she sold and I knew I had to try them. Not only to drop my baby weight, but to support my friend in her new business venture. It only took 3 months and I was dropping pounds! I had to get into the business!!
The rest they say is history....
This company has amazing products and an even more amazing business opportunity.

If you’re a mama like me who just wants to feed her shopping addiction or a struggling parent who needs to bring in an extra income without more time away from their family, I have the BEST opportunity for you!

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