Always remember you are worth it!!

Hi lovely, It’s Kristen!

Well hello!! I am Kristen, I’m a nurse who was working long hours and recently decided to quit my job, to focus on my kids. I recently had a baby and 5 other kids who were struggling to keep up with school, with Covid and everything going on. This was a very tough decision but to be honest I’ve always wanted to be home with my kids and prayed since my first was born for a way to make this happen.

For the past few years I’ve watched my friend on social media post about being able to stay home and work from home and become debt free and now she’s making a good income from home while able to focus on her kids and have freedom to travel. Like who doesn’t want that? Anyhow I kept feeling God tugging on my heart to go that direction and I prayed and prayed and finally it was clear. God was giving me the answer to what I have been praying for all these years!! So finally, I went for it!

Today I’m able to contribute to putting money on the table, while at home with a baby on my hip and go at my own pace as well as my children’s and husband’s pace. A plus to this is I made a wonderful bunch of new friends who are helping me build up my business and who uplift each other every day. This has literally changed my life!!