Kristi Smith

Don’t wait for opportunity...create it!

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I can’t wait to get to know you ⭐️ But first, I’ll tell you a little about myself!
I’ve been married for 14 years to my wonderful husband, Ryan, and we have 3 very busy, funny, loving children.
I’ve always had a heart for helping others. Whether it was befriending the kid who didn’t have anyone to sit with to volunteering and helping those who need support. So naturally, I went to college at Indiana University and became a special education teacher. I truly loved being a teacher but always was striving to help more families. I went back to school and became a special education administrator and now help oversee programs for kids with special needs ages 3-22.
While I love my career, I was feeling financially stressed. We had a lot of school loans, debt and wanted to able to travel with our kids. We did not have much money in savings and had a big loan to pay off. See...after my second little boy was born, there were many complications. Thankfully, God was watching over us and had just the right people in the right place at the right time and they were able to save my life. However, our dreams of more children were shattered. After much healing...we were graced with our daughter through adoption and she completed our family.

Loving helping others, but dreaming for more for my family led me to looking for an opportunity. I did not want to leave my career, so needed something flexible that wouldn’t take me away from my kids.
I’d been watching my friend help others with their health journeys through social media and we connected so I could learn more. That was 4 years ago. Since then, we have paid off that adoption loan, a lot of school debt, and have gone on countless trips with our kids. We are able to breathe a little easier, and not live paycheck to paycheck. I’ve been given the opportunity to help others (what I love to do!!) be their best selves and feel great, and have been able to mentor other women who are looking for financial freedom and friendship to find just that!

If you want to learn more about how this opportunity can work for you fill out the link below and we’ll connect!