It’s so wonderful to meet you!

Hi there, I’m Kristian.

I want you to know who I am and what I am all about, and trying to do that in a few short sentences is hard. I’m a mixed bag, but here are the most important things you should know….

I’m a follower of Christ.
I’m a wife.
I’m a mom.
I’m a dreamer.
I’m an encourager.

The reason am I here today is because 3 years ago I took a leap and jumped into the unknown. I said Yes to an opportunity to build my own business and the results have been amazing.

Now I am here helping and encouraging other women to live the life they were created for. To achieve success and have the same amazing results.

Life Before Monat

Can you relate?

Prior to starting my own business I was tired, lonely, and felt like I had lost myself. I was working full time as a nurse, my husband was traveling M-Th for work and we had a 4 month old and 2 year old. Things were crazy to say the least.

I didn’t even have time for this business, but I realized that was the very reason I needed it! I saw this opportunity as a vehicle to help get me out of the hospital. I saw the earning potential and realized I could do that!!

This business helped me find myself, bring in extra income, given me community, got me out of the hospital, and icing on the cake is a Paid for Cadillac.

Whether you are looking to change your financial situation, grow your community, personal growth, or even a car upgrade. This can be for you too, and I would love to connect to help you dream bigger!