- and this is where you find me...

// so i guess this is an introduction

So hey!! I'm Kristie-Louise A.K.A KLOU "), 30 years old and from the U.K.
Mum of 3 babes - 12 + 5 + 3

I have been blogging since 2016 but had quite a long break due to my mental health. Now newly diagnosed B.P.D ( Bipolar Disorder) I want to fire my blog back up, share my struggles as a parent with B.P.D, share tips on coping with manic episodes and anxiety and just life in general.

New posts every Thursday and Sunday ♡


NETFLiX // 2019

- i spend way too much time binge watching NETFLIX.

i'm always seeing posts on Social Media of recommendations of Movies and Series to watch on NETFLIX.
i've watched a fair bit. my watch list is crazzyyyy long.....

anyways - give these a watch. you may become obssesed just like me.

question - do any of you get super upset when you have watched the series finale of your favourite show? - i must admit i have a near mental breakdown.


The Good Place

I love this series.
There are so many crazy twists and it has me in fits of giggles.

Based on the notion of Heaven and Hell, The Good Place - being "heaven" is where the best of the best, the goodie two shoes, the do-gooders end up. Eleanor, our main charactar, ends up in the Good Place, but very quickly figures she isn't supposed to be there.



If you fancy some eye candy and love C.S.I, then this is perfect for you.

Lucifer (Satan) has had enoigh of being in hell so he makes his way to earth to have some fun.
He falls in love, helps solve some crazy crimes and has you laughing for hours - plus he is so HOT!!!



New York, Gangs, Drugs, Sex and Murder
In a nutshell.

Ghost is a major drug dealer in New York City, dangerous and unpredictable, he falls in love with his childhood crush when she ends up in his nightclub. Marries with 3 children he starts a war. A war he isnt guaranteed to win.



Ok, so yes i know this is for a much younger audience, but im obssesed.

Based on the comics - Archie, Riverdale follows a group of teenagers struggling with romance, school and family. Not to mention solving murders, getting involved in cults and having serial killers for parents.


How To Get Away With Murder

So you want to be a lawyer?
A defense lawyer.

If you can get a "murderer" off a life sentence, then whats stopping you from getting away with murder and your professor helping you cover it up?

Defense Lawyer / Professor takes a group of students under her wing during their time at college. She is dangerous, manipulative and very clever.


A.H.S - American Horror Story

Yes you have probably heard of it, maybe even watched it but its god damn amazing. This list could not be completed without this.

Ghosts, Witches, Murder, Vampires - all the classics rolled into one series.
Ever series is completely different, different story lines, strange scenarios, strange charactars.

Experience a haunted housed, a mantal asylum, circus from hell etc

You will never get bored of watching...

//-my diagnosis

the part of me that was hiding has now come out to play

it's funny really, i always knew i wasn't OK. but who really is OK?
everyone i know has something they are battling with mentally.

2014 - 5 years ago - that is when it started -
anxiety, depression, crazy episode of complete happiness then a nosedive into darkness.

it grandually escalated, i lost my mind. alopecia 2018
mental breakdown in 2018
suicide attempt 2019

all this led to my diagnosis.
Bipolar type 2.

In short I can switch from euphoric to happy to angry to hysterically upset in the blink of an eye. it's almost impossible to control my emotions.
most of the time I have no idea why i get angry. sometimes i can't remember an episode.
it all depends of the day - but unlile most people I cant wake up knowing if I will have a good day or bad day. It's Russian Roulette and it changes from minute to minute, hour to hour.

you don't look bipolar - is an actusl commet I have had thrown at me in normal conversation.
who looks "Bipolar"?
what does "Bipolar" look like?
am i missing something?

i've got alot to learn yet, it's only early days.