11 isolation recipes that the kids will LOVE!

Gosh kids eat A LOT! Get these delicious recipes to help them stay healthy !

Just some of my favourite things.....

Yes that’s right.... I have Julie Andrews singing this song in my head too!

Here are just a few of my favs.....
this list may grow , it may change and it may shorten.....
as I grow and find inspiration..... my favs will be shared....
Life is too exciting to be the same old same old.....

Virtual Challenge Group Boot Camp

Hey team !!

Starting Monday we are running a “challenge group sneak peek” so people can see what a challenge group is all about , what do you get in a Challenge pack? What BBOD is like? and What the new 10 Rounds program is about ?? (Besides being power house of inspiration! )

Yummy in your tummy!

I have some breakfast recipes for you from my nutrition program! These are quick and yummy recipes! Give them a try When you try these, take a pic, and tag me!

Can exercise help the BrAin?!

Here is an amazing Ted Talk that lets you know ..... what I quickly learned even after a week of exercise! It will BLOW YOUR MIND! 🤯

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Mom Fuel

My Mom Fuel! Yes.... I would sometimes say wine is my mom fuel go too...... however.... in the mornings this my FAV thing.... you get me prepped for the day! I NEED before I press pay on my workout! It also helps me clean my house like wonder woman, and it tastes so good! I'm in love with both the 🍋 lemon flavour however it also comes in fruit punch ! Whether you have your own gym routine happening, you need a pick me up for one of our Bootcamps, or you need a bit of a jump start in the afternoon.... this is a HUGE help!

Boxing Workout 💥🥊

I’ve never been a GYM EVERY DAY FOR 2 HOURS kinda gal. I’m the type to hit it hard and fast and make the time count!! (I ain’t got time for extras!!)

I’d never tried boxing workouts before this, but I’m in LOVE and here’s why ❤️

🥊 Every second counts during each workout (* NO WASTED time here!)

🥊 Combines technique, repetition and intensity for a TOTAL body workout!!

🥊30-40 minutes is all it takes (**no hour-long unrealistic workouts this summer - just in and out!)

🥊Nutrition plan included that takes the guesswork out of it and makes sure all that hard work SHOWS!

I’m STOKED to feel set for the summer!!! HellOOOoOo rock solid plan!! 🥊🔥


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Better yourself.....

Because I am learning about mindset, bettering oneself, and leaning into personal development and growth, I wanted to include a 𝘼𝙪𝙙𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚 for you to listen to! What goals have you set for yourself? Did any of them include focusing on your inner energy??

Barre Blend

This is my favourite workout this year by far!! Imagine doing a low impact, high intensity workout that improves your mobility but also you self awareness and inner soul! Give it a try!!

Kristi Marucci Fitness

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Oh my goodness..... I love that you are here!! My name is Kristi! I am a married mom of 3 amazing kids and we all live in Greater Napanee ON!

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