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I’m Kristina and I’m a certified inbound social media strategist. I create high quality content and manage social accounts for small businesses, blogs, podcasts, influencers and artists - so they can direct their focus to their business. You can read more about my social media services ahead ➡️

Along with helping other creatives succeed, I’m always open to collaborations and partnerships, so feel free to reach out with your ideas and projects anytime!

A little more about what I do: I have a merch brand that features my custom designs and includes T-shirts, apparel and room decor for the people who love comfort but want to look stylish too! Check it out this way ➡️

There’s a mini blog on this wee little website where I write about social media hacks, design (I’m big on Canva!) and leveraging digital marketing to make money. If you like learning through storytelling, then give it a look but don’t worry if you don’t feel like reading- hit my YouTube channel for weekly videos, giveaways and helpful content not only to help and guide you in your creative endeavors but also to leverage it to make a substantial income from doing what you love.

I began learning about different topics under the umbrella of digital marketing three years ago as a way to step into something new, career and lifestyle wise. Over that course of time I learned a ton of innovative and helpful strategies from website design to SEO to driving traffic and even coding. I narrowed in on my favorite parts which led me deep diving into graphic design, branding and social media. I’m currently learning UI/UX design through California Institute of the Arts as well as finishing my bachelors degree in business at Brandman University.

If you know the digital marketing industry, then you know that it’s constantly changing and evolving, which means the creator has to be updating and continuing their education on a regular basis to be in the know of marketing trends, new tools/software and much much more. If you want to see some of the courses and certifications I’ve done in the last year that’s helped me improve my skills and feel confident in my marketing and design abilities, swipe further ➡️

Social Media Services

Premium Social $500

I will schedule and post relative content to your social feed and stories for 30 days. Message me “Premium Social” if you’re ready to release the stress of planning and worrying about what to post on social media. That way you can put your focus where it belongs- on your craft.


Standard Social $300

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Branding Social

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Make me a mini website like this one!

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