How would your life be different if…

💭 … you made yourself your priority?

💭… you loved yourself unconditionally?

💭 … you looked at yourself in the mirror with love?

💭 … you were surrounded by genuine, healthy relationships?

💭 … you felt joy and appreciation every day of your life?

💭 … you set goals and actually STUCK TO THEM?

I could go on & on…

My passion as a Health & Life Coach is to guide you into your personal power & help put you back in control of YOUR own life.

The energy around you is waiting for YOU to decide to put yourself first. You just have to trust the journey…

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Live Energized! ✨

What is Health/Life Coaching?

I want to start by saying… there is a reason why you are here! & it is NOT because you are broken.

Seeking a Health & Life Coach is a sign of STRENGTH. It’s a tribute to that part of you that is ready to GROW.

Health & Life Coaches help guide you towards your purpose and your personal power by helping you take control back of your own life. I specialize in working with clients who may be feeling stuck in areas of their life including self-love, empowerment, healthy habits, relationships & spirituality.

I am here to help you clarify, set, and achieve your personal goals and unlock your highest potential.

I am here to challenge you, help you focus, hold you accountable, and to celebrate your successes!

If you are interested in scheduling a session, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to being a part of your journey. ✨

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Client Reviews


“Kristina guided me through an amazing period of self-improvement in my life. If you’ve been looking into life coaching she’s your gal!” -Natalie J 💭

“I wish I could bottle up her positivity and it take it everywhere I go. Oh wait, I can. So thankful for this girl’s influence on my life.” -Kelly D 💭

“If you asked me a little over twelve weeks ago what my thought process was in regards to various aspects of my life, I would have used words like fear, apprehension, skeptic, and pessimistic. I struggled to articulate my thoughts and emotions to my friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers. However, Kristina provided a structured experience that is challenging, empowering, and liberating. Each week that progressed, I regained a sense of power that had been suppressed for an extensive period of time. Kristina provided simple, yet, almost instantly, effective tools that could be implemented in my daily life, help me achieve my personal goals, and provide a supplemental approach to my mental health regime. Without a doubt, the experience has helped me improve my thought process, as I have gained nothing but positive outcomes from all that I learned.” -Kristine M 💭

“Before I started with Kristina, I had no idea what a health/life coach was. I was slightly skeptical how much a phone call once a week would really change my life. However, after 12 weeks I couldn’t be happier with my decision to ask for a little help from a professional. Kristina was able to help me get the power back in my own life. She was an amazing listener and she made even the most stressful situations feel more manageable. Not only did she help me focus on and set my goals, she changed my whole way of looking at my life. Her positivity is contagious and I am so excited to keep using her methods and tools throughout my daily life.” -Kelly D 💭


“Awesome! I love deep writing and Kristina’s direction of thought was really empowering.” -Irene X.

“Incredible! Kristina’s workshop opened my mind more to not only what I desire in my life, but writing it all down helped so much. It also made me realize that things I want in my life are not all physical things, but a more positive mindset, frame of mind, and clarity on life perspectives.” -Rose B.

“This was awesome! Sometimes it’s hard for people to be REAL with themselves and the environment of this workshop, the questions, and the conversation all helped bring to surface some hidden emotions and desires. Mindset is most important!” -Bri H.

“I appreciated the thoughts and questions Kristina sparked in me. Her vibe was very comforting, relaxing, and nonjudgmental.” -Alithini X.

“I know now that I need to dive deeper into why I want what I want and what is truly my way needs to change to achieve that.” -Devin A.

“I loved this workshop! It was amazing to dig deeper than normal into my thoughts and desires for the future in a very safe and calm space.” -Melissa M.

“Tearing up! This was a great workshop. I really appreciated having the time and space to reflect on what I need to do to get what I want. I would definitely work with Kristina in this capacity in the future.” -Samantha V.

“Loved it. This was my first time doing something like this. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was very enlightening.” -Sydney L.

“I already meditate and manifest/script daily, but this workshop felt like a more in-depth manifestation which I normally don’t do. Definitely opened my eyes!” -Diana T.

“Kristina is the BEST! Excellent workshop & presentation. Very professional, but also very relatable. She is a true motivator! Thank you for giving me the space to think!” -Gina R.

“I feel that this was the perfect foundation for someone who is ready to make positive change in their life. It allowed me to see what I need to focus on and where to start.” -Douglas R.

“I love it! So glad I came to this workshop. It helped me put into words what I always think about. Loved Kristina’s prompts.” -Zuri H.