My name is Kristina Russell.

I am a Sydney based multi-award winning Haicolour expert and Industry Educator aka @ColourKristina across social Media.

I've been travelling the world teaching hairdressers how to paint hair for over 20 years for some of the hair industry's "big wigs" and now I'm sharing everything I've learned with you. I divide my time between working behind the salon chair and teaching classes of my own design to help Hairdressers and Salon owners elevate their craft.

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Kristina Russell

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The Colour Kristina Talks Podcast shares practical industry advise for colour loving Hairdressers wanting to grow their confidence with all things colour, consultation, personal branding, attracting your dream clientele, social media and biz tips, plus how to stay inspired and more.
If you are a Hairdresser or Salon owner with creative ideas but you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding your niche, and how to approach every client with confidence, then this is the podcast for you!

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I am feeling mixed emotions today as I am coming out of a 4-month lockdown in Sydney Australia and have been tempted to say no new clients due to overwhelming feelings of a loss of control and an ever-growing client list.

​So I totally get it. I understand why some hairdressers write on their Instagram bio they are booked out or books closed and stop welcoming new clients. So should I close my appointment book for new clients?

​Listen to episode 79 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast to learn how I navigate through these questions & why I have decided to never close my books to new clients.

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Since Sydney's reopening, I'm sure many of our clients will be longing to fix their Box Dye DIYs they did during the very loooong lockdown!

​Say no more because in this episode, we’re talking about how to remove BOX DYE with Colour Strippers and Decolorisers and why you need to know how to lift artificial pigment without damaging the hair quality or lightening your clients natural hair.

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TRAILER: Colour Kristina Talks Podcast

Wondering if listening to the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast is for you? Show Host, Kristina Russell shares an overview of how listening to this podcast will help you scale your salon business and paint every hair colour request with artistic finesse.

The Colour Kristina Talks Podcast shares practical industry advice for colour loving hairdressers wanting to grow their confidence with all things colour, consultation, personal branding, creating your niche clientele, social media and biz tips, plus how to stay inspired and more.

Love what you hear? Tell you hair besties about the show, and click subscribe. Enjoy colour lovers!

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[What's Hot 🔥] EPISODE 2

In this episode, we discuss the importance of social media strategy and the top reasons for being on Instagram to attract your dream clientele. Nicole Healy – Melbourne Hair Blogger and Founder of Social Salon School is an Australian Hairdresser, turned Social Media Educator – specialising in all things Instagram. Learn successful tips to help scale your biz, plus things to consider when creating killer captions to attract new clients. Gain a deeper understanding of the power of your socials.

Episode 2

Salon Services

I am renowned for my unique approach to colouring hair as if it is a blank canvas. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, I create dimension by colouring in shadows and texture. I love the challenge of corrective colour and offer creative solutions to my clients on a daily basis. My salon clientele is incredibly varied. I tend to specialise in hair painting for my niche areas of expertise in Blondes + Redheads + Corrective Haircolour + Transformations based on my technical skill and creative flair.

I work at Suite 3 Hair in Paddington, Sydney by appointment only. My regular salon days are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

My preferred contact for booking enquiries is via DM or clicking the email contact button in my Instagram bio. Currently, online bookings are not available, but will be coming soon!


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by these amazing podcasts for Hairdressers!

Howtocutit EP170: Why You Need to be Podcasting, with Kristina Russell

Podcast listeners have grown by 37.5% over the last 3 years, whilst 55% of Americans have listened to podcasts. Yes, podcasting is getting big and shows no sign of slowing up. With this in mind isn’t it time your business or brand considers creating a podcast? For todays guest Kristina Russell, podcasting has become an essential part of her hair education business. Something she’s about to share with us all in this episode.

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SALON OWNERS COLLECTIVE - How to Give Your Client What They Really Need

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kristina Russell. Kristina is a colour expert and industry educator who specializes in consultation tactics and really working alongside the client to get the outcome they really want & need instead of just what they’re booked in for.

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Ask the Color Expert by Elaine Travis

Award Winning Australian Color Expert Kristina Russell shares her top tips for creating gorgeous reds by Ask The Color Expert

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PhorestFM: Kristina Russell On Consultations & Creating Bespoke Colour Journeys

For a first-time colour client, it's easy to think that anything is possible — after all, social media does make us feel like the sky is the limit in terms of creative colour. However, not everything is always possible, and most definitely not in one appointment. If you truly care for the result, you never just get a colour. You commit to one. That means agreeing to consultations, multiple appointments, home care, maintenance, being patient, and of course, being conscious it will require a certain budget.

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