Atty. Kristine Jana

Kristine Jana Quirino Baturiano, 17 years old, born on August 8, 2003. A future Psychology and Law student in Ateneo de Manila University and alumni of University of Santo Tomas. She's the youngest among three siblings. A member of Anakbayan UST SHS.

She's a well-spoken woman, a great leader, a good daughter and a dreamer of her own dreams. She may seem like a tough woman on the outside but she has her own soft spot that only the people who choose to see it will know.

"Do it with passion or not at all." Is her life motto, which leads us to believe that she will be good and honorable lawyer that is true to her words and principles someday and when that day comes I hope we are all present to witness her fulfill her dreams not for herself but for the people of this nation.

Reference for her future jowa and new friends

10 facts about Jana

Ps. Make sure to take note of these things, take care of our bb gHorl.

Fact #1

She hates the word "moist"

Fact #2

Her favorite ulam is sinigang. Yung maasim na maasim.

Fact #3

She loves their bakery's egg pie and ham roll (pati yung nakatira malapit don)

Fact #4

Claustrophobic. So wag mo na tangkaing dalhin sa maraming tao yan.

Fact #5

She loves boys... literally jk hahaha

Fact #6

You should keep up really well to reach the level of her sweet tooth HAHAHAHA

Fact #7

Her thirteen year old self is too cool for you to reach HAHAHA

Fact #8

Favorite nya yung white part ng siopao, so kung bibilhan mo sya quapao bilhin mo.

Fact #9

She may seem like a strong, indepent woman but she's a softie inside.

Fact #10

She either hate Du20+10 or Bea chz HAHAHAHA.

Reasons why you should date Jana

To all amboys out there, char HAHAHA

Reason #1

She has a great sense of humor. Not char.

Reason #2

She can be cute at times UwU

Reason #3

She can be bad... but for your eyes only ;)

Reason #4

She's pretty and fine af. Go get it gurl!

Reason #5

She's a trustworthy and passionate leader

Reason #6

She's a savage, classy, boujee, ratchet char HAHAHAHA

Reason #7

She's a friend you can lean on.

Reason #8

She's gorgeous as hell but still insecure (keep this in mind, our bb needs to assured all the time. Make her feel she's beautiful and you have your eyes only for her, okay?)

Reason #9

She can be Kristine Jana and she can also be Jana from Canada. Get a girl who can do both!

Reason #10

She's a very kind-hearted person, so please handle her heary with care.

Hey bb gorl, just want u to know na we're proud of you've become right now, wherever you are. I typed this message at 5 in the morning so may mga errors to and such. So yeon na nga, thank you kasi you've been there through ups and downs, ayoko sana gawing cheesy to kasi hindi naman tayo ganon pero bahala na si batman. Meeting you, Nina and Gret was one of the best things that happened to me, san ka pa makakahanap ng tatlong tukmol na pinagsama sama diba? HAHAHA kidding aside, thankful ako kasi I have a very reliable support system, di man natin alam lahat ng weaknesses and sufferings ng isa't isa pero I know we're always there for each other. You want to vent out? Sure. You want to have fun? Sure. You want to forget about things? Sure. Brokenhearted? Tara inom. Charot HAHAHAHA. I know we're supposed to be together this time of the year but sadly, we have to celebrate apart but, that doesn't mean di na tayo mag eeffort for each other, I hope you'll like this. Wala tayong mga jowa so sige, tayo tayo nalang HAHAHA. I'll end it here, I hope matupad kung ano man yung wish mo ngayon and no matter how far you've come, always keep you feet on the ground. I wuv u, bb gorl. Happy happy birthday, see you soonest! Keep slaying, bb gorl skrrt.

Happy Birthday! Fly high!

Hi janina! Yaah, this is a Cringey and cliche long letter for your birthday, and yes napilitan lang rin ako na gawin to HAHAHAHAHA, So first of all halos buong buhay natin magkakilala tayo, and we're not that even close before but we still end up being "friends?" di ako sure HAHAHAH and finally after 123456789 years di na tayo magkaklase and cheers to that HAHAHAHA. Second, Ive literally seen you in your highs ang lows, good days and bad days and Im actually proud to everything you achieved, and I hope to see you achieving more and more and make yourself better. Lastly, I hope and I pray for your genuine happiness, I hope you dont cover yourself with that fake mask cuz I know everything gurl HAHAHAHAH, and dont be afraid to make your voice known I know alam mo na kung ano yung passion mo and I/we will just be here supporting everything you want to do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!! P.s I know I got ur back kung may mangyari mang masama in the future and kinakailangan ko ng lawyer, cHar HAAHHAAHA pero di mo syur. Ps.I love myself nan mwonga dalla dalla, yeah Seryosong PS. Just remember na He's waiting for you and excited for your comback :>>

Keep Slaying, bHie

A letter to my most valuable friend Time is really kicking fast ... look at you now, you’re 17 ! Our junior high years ended in a blink of an eye and you already got into your dream school getting ready to the new environment, new acquaintances and new things to learn from it ( and we are genuinely proud of u like a crazy mom for that HAHAHAHA so u go find us jowa there ha choz) All of those years that you’ve been through with and without us really fostered out the best in you. You’re continuously growing in becoming a successful person and I am really happy to eyewitness that. For me you’re are still the bravest , kindest and sharpest enticing woman who never doubted herself to speak up confidently like before And now that you’ve gained another year to you’re age I can’t wait to see what’s more to come. One of the things that I value the most from our friendship is the feeling of warmth, comfort and security just by having you by my side. Yes, we had our rough patches and I will never forget how we learned, grew and moved on from that. All of our past faults made us embrace each other’s flaws and forgive each other’s stupidness (mostly me) unceasingly. I thought our differences would be the one that will slowly separates us but,, really ,, I guess it only helped us complement each other and that’s one of the treasures that I will hold onto. Oh and thank you for being the person whom I trusted on my problems then a days (that actually isn’t really opened up back then so I think you still don’t know what exactly it is up until now HAHAHA) the thing is u gave me an advice then I somehow relied on you and that made things worth the try for me. ( And I love you for that hehe) Thank you for being the giver, listener, supporter and for being the one who always try to understand (us/others) even if it’s hard. And for that I think we all don’t ever even think of hesitating to do the “same” thing for you, so if it ever run across your mind too ,, u know got us. We’ll be by your side even at the hardest luck. Always be reminded that never let your heart, soul and mind dim their lights for anything or anyone. As we continue to venture this so called life with lots of unforeseen events don’t you forget that I’ll always be there for you ,, willing to give an extra push if you ever needed one ( and even if I think it’s always the other way around lol,,) I’ll forever be your soul sister , almost-sister (if you’re brother is interested hmM) , your girl, your fangirl , your sugar baby, your gf (rawR), and my other future names that i’ll be honored to be entitled with , in a view of the fact that you had me mandated to be your bestfriend and I obliged by the ruling of the court, your honor 👩🏻‍⚖️. Reaching the bright future ahead of us may seem to be far-fetched sometimes (some may seem wrong at the first glance) but I wish you to have the most fearless and enduring heart in times of necessity. Setbacks happen for a reason and for what reason may that be, it will surely be the one telling us to keep going. Cheers to more years of our friendship and to your most special day (still counting so be healthy and eat your veggies bij) ! We still got lots of catching up to do after this quarantine—in fact we still got tons of memories to build at some undetermined time in the future (we may ‘virtually’ do it now but ...ya know🤷🏻‍♀️) LEX celebrate your special day full of love, happiness and optimism ! I know that this isn’t what we have all planned on how your birthday would turn out but looking on the brighter side,,at least we know now that distance isn’t too far for us to still not look at the same sky and breathe the same air—it won’t seperate us ——and that line is not for mag jowa dzuh that’s for us as your #fakefriends. May God bless you with his wisdom and grace in perpetuity 💛

“I know sometimes you can be completely insane but still I love u anyway.“

Ayon, Happy Birthday Jana talaping talapong HAHAHAHAH char I'm very thankful na naging part ka ng hs life ko and ng bOhai ku ehe, di ko masabi kung gano ako kasaya kasama kayo and thank you din sa pagiging thoughtful and considerate mo. Goodluck sa SHS life and sana naman dyan mo na mahanap kung ano man hinahanap mo HAHAHAHAHAH char. Stay safe and stay healthy. HBD, MBTC, ILY, GBU, MTRCB, LTFRB, BTW, OTW, JWU, HMU char HAHAHHAHAHA.

Padayon, future Lawyer!

ATE JANA HIII!!!i miss you and love you November 6, 2018 i transferred sa juansci and i know na yung first expression mo sa akin is childish HAHAHAHAHAHA the first memory ko sayo is nasa table ka nakaupo tas nasa harap mo si nins tas kumakain kayo ng popcorn🍿tas tinanong niyo ako kung gusto ko tas ngumiti lang ako tas umiling AHAHAHAHHAHA having you as an ate i'm super lucky and super happy na i have you not only as a beautiful friend pero as an ate sa akin🤗 i will alwalways stay beside you thru ups and downs ate, now that nasa dream school na ikaw always remember do things na will make you happy pero be safe okay ate? i may not be vocal pero i'm always proud sayo ate sa maliit or malaking achievements na narreceive mo…i'm always here ate ha more years to come sa friendship natin.

Happiest birthday, my Ate Jana!


See u soonest!! God bless u!

Happy birthday jana,dasal ko na sana lahat Ng nais mo matupad,,,sana ipagpatuloy mo Ang nasimulan mo,,,pagmamahal sa magulang na laging nagpapatibay at gumagabay sa'yo,,sa mga kapatid mo,kaibigan na kasama sa hirap din at saya,sa ibang taong nagmamahal sa'yo,,syempre sa pangalawang tatay mo,,,hehehe,,,dasal ko lang palagi ,,,sana di ka magbago at tuparin Ang mga pangarap mo,,maraming salamat sa lahat Ng tulong mo.

Mahal na mahal ka ni Tatay Berto, ingat lagi at happy birthday!

Helloo JANAAAAA HAPPE BORNDEYYY 🎊🎉 HAHAHAHAH di ko alam yung sasabihin ko HAHAHAHAH dahil ata di ko pa nararamdaman na kanya kanya na tayo😅, na di na tayo magkakaklase hahahahha ay meron pala hahahah miss na kita HAHAHAHAHAH ehe miss ko na yung boses mo🤭 HAHAHAHAHAH tapos yung muka mo HAHAHAH lalo na kapag di mo nagigets yung lesson HAHAHAHAHA tas yung ano yung muka mo kapag naririnig mo si eugene kumakanta HAHAHAHAHA. THANK YOU SA MEMORIES JANA😊, THANK YOU SA 4YRS😊 THANK YOU SA LAHAT NG TINULONG MO SAKIN, kung hindi ata dahil sayo at sa mga kaklase natin baka puro bagsak parin ako😅 HAHAHAHAH THANK YOU DAHIL NANDYAN KA LANG PALAGI😊😊. Wish ko sayo ay sana galingan mo sa shs at college at sana matupad mo yung pangarap mo pero syempre walang kalimutan ah😉 at jana wag ka ring papaloko kung kani kanino ah HAHAHAHA stay hydrated din pala tsaka wag lang papagutom ah HAHAHAHAHA kain lang ng kain ah HAHAHAHAH ok lang kahit tumaba ka maganda ka parin yieee😉 HAHAHAHAH baka nangdidiri ka na habang binabasa to tama na nga HAHAHAHAHA.

Happy birthday ulit, Janaaa! Mwuah