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Hi All!

If you clicked on this you're probably curious about what my side business has been for the last year. Well, for starters one thing to know about me is that I am always looking for more in life. You have one life to live and I believe you should go after your dreams each and every day!!!

You may ask, who am I? I am a 30 year old woman who grew up in Chadds Ford, PA (suburbs of Philadelphia). I have a boyfriend of almost 5 years who I absolutely cherish and adore. We have lived in 4 states over the past 4 years from PA>FL>MA>DE.. you may ask how?! Well because our jobs allow for it :) I have a very fulfilling full time career in HR working for Mars Inc (ie. M&M Company). I have the luxury of working from home, even pre-covid, and in my current role I get to help people each and everyday, helping them grow and prosper in their current and future careers.

So, you may wonder why did I "need" to join Monat? I did not need to join Monat, I wanted to join Monat for multiple reasons.

1. I get to work with incredible like-minded women who constantly build each other up
2. It will continue to allow me to live out my vision of working from wherever I want and travelling whenever I want
3. It provides additional income.. come on people, planning for early retirement over here!
4. Lastly, the products alone have transformed my skin and that SOLD ME!

If this sounds like something that may have sparked your interest, give me a shout! We provide you with all of the tools and resources you would need to be successful and ensure you achieve your goals!

I am looking for people that are goal oriented, coachable, hard working and open minded!

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