Ready to find my true, authentic self...flaws and all!!

A little about me...

I was raised in a small town in Southeastern Montana. I am a wife x 3 (married the 2nd one twice) and a mother of 2 beautiful grown children and 7 grandchildren.

Growing up, I never had a father in my life. My sperm donor was just that, NOTHING more. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at 18 months old. He told my Mom he didn't want to "F" with a sick kid." He literally signed over custody of me to my Mom and adopted his new wife's daughter who was the same age as me. I honestly believe that layed the foundation for ALL of my poor decisions in men or at least was a HUGE part...when you’re abandoned by someone who's supposed to love and protect you, it haunts your soul for the rest of your life. Makes you doubt your self worth constantly.

I moved out of the house the weekend I graduated high school, married my very 1st boyfriend and became a Mother to my son at 19 and to my daughter 3 years later. Their dad and I divorced 5 years later.

Honestly, we should've never married, but he was my escape from an emotionally abusive step-father and a mother that was trying to keep her new family together, I have 2 sisters from their union. As an adult, I understand her reasons, as a child, I hated her for never defending me against him. I have made peace with her and my childhood with years of therapy, but some days, I still get in my feelings about everything....

After that, I had 2 failed relationships with men that were both emotionally and physically abusive. While with them, I worked dead-end ⛔, low paying jobs and always knew there HAD to be more out there than this.

In 2004, I left Montana and the abuser and moved to Georgia with everything I could get in my car. I'd never been this far South, but a friend of mine was moving here and I honestly thought it would be the ONLY way to get and stay away from him.

Again, I worked dead end ⛔ low paying jobs, just to get by. But in hindsight, I believe God was putting me through all this to prepare me for what I'm doing now and for that, I will always be eternally greatful...🙏🙏🙏

I guess I'm sharing all this because I hope my story will enlighten even one person about the importance of family and really knowing someone before you get married. In hindsight, if I could go back, I would've definitely waited to get married until I had time to grow up and heal from my childhood wounds. Did I have the worst childhood? No, there are FAR worse cases out there. But please, before you decide to bring a child into the equation, evaluate yourself and your potential mate. Make sure you both are equipped to bring another life into the world 🌎.

As far as my professional background, I've done everything from secretarial work to selling radio advertising to banking to life insurance sales to training bankers. Currently, I am an Advanced Funeral Planner for a funeral home. I help people prepare their funeral arrangements, hopefully well in advance of their passing and then place the plans in a life insurance policy. Although it's a very rewarding career, Covid19 ,😷🤒 has brought it to a screeching halt.

Last year I felt hopeless! 😭 Covid hurt my business so badly that I was worried I wasn't going to be able to contribute to my household.

My health was on the decline. My weight spiraled completely out of control. I was emotional, feeling all doom and gloom and wanted so badly to turn it all around.

Here I am a year later and my life is looking up! Total 180. I feel HOPEFUL for the future. And I am EXCITED about the wealth that I am building.

I am leading a team of amazing individuals and helping them gain financial freedom all while making an IMPACT on others!

I can't tell you how many times I have asked for what I WANTED. And I got what I NEEDED.

And this is that. I am forever grateful. If last year Kristy sounds like where you are right now, I would love to chat.

Inspiring and helping others is one of my core beliefs. I want this for you too! 💓

Now I'm venturing into Cryptocurrency and finding that I absolutely love it!! I get to help people make the kind of money that most only dream about...😁 I am on a platform that is like family...."Nobody is left behind." For a ridiculously small investment, you can create a passive income that lasts joke, FOREVER!!

I hope my story inspired you to believe that no matter what life throws at you, you can survive and thrive...don't give up!!

Love always,