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Hey I’m Kris!

I am a Mother of a beautiful 3 year old Boy, Work Part-Time, Nursing Student, Nature Lover, & Lover of all things Natural.

Right now I am taking a journey within my somewhat hectic life! Come follow me and see what happens!

Wellness Club

Shop hundreds of non-toxic items for less!

So a few months ago my friend introduced me to this awesome shop club. Being nice, I signed up to support a friend not really things anything of it and the though of cancelling in a couple months may have crossed my mind...😳

Anyways, I joined this shop club and started going through the products and though “holy s*#t, this stuff is pretty good and for a decent price”. Non-toxic, concentrated, high quality but with Walmart Prices, Amazon shipping, and a huge variety of house hold items to choose from!

Since I’m a clean freak and love a bargain, of course I ordered like every cleaner (why not, it was a lot safer and cheaper then what I was using!). Within 2 days my order was at my back door and I went into a cleaning frenzy.

I then went on to buy their laundry detergent, toothpaste, protein bars & drinks, foundation (which is amazing, especially with the weather here in Canada right now) and a tone of other stuff.

Now I am literally addicted, in love, and amazed with this awesome Wellness Shop Club.

Theres a lot of BS products out their, but I am so happy I finally found something trustworthy and great for my family!

Ask me about my Wellness Shop Club & the products they offer!