Krystle Rae Ventures

Living Luxury

My name is Krystle. My ever evolving love for life has brought me to right here. Living my dream job. I was once told to make a life doing exactly what you want. So I did! Many times people say “Grow where you are planted.” That is not quite the words I live by. I get my words from a little bit different of a place. “I am a leaf on the wind. Watch me soar.”

Your search for the easy way to travel in luxurious style ends here.

My journey started on a fateful day when I was working in a slow museum, on the phone with none other than my momma, while killing the time. I was playing on a site with cheap plane tickets and said to her “I think I want to go to Nepal,” and the moment she said okay, I pushed the ‘purchase tickets’ button.

I have been training for this moment my entire life. Running away to Nepal without a plan, then coming back to Montana just to study how to do that the rest of my life and help others do the same seemed like the right move. Then running off again to Hawaii had me dreaming of even more travel!

I can’t wait to show you how impulsivity and planning can coincide to make your dreams happen while awake!

Always remember Adventures First and when you get the chance ~ eat cake on the balcony with the spectacular view