Not one thing is impossible if you have hope

I would most definitely not say that I’m famous in any way whatsoever. However, I do run the first to ever exist Superman Christopher Reeve based fan page on Instagram with almost 6k. My fan page inspired other Reeve fans and Superman fans, to create their own. I also had a great-aunt who I never met who knew not only Reeve, but other celebrities. Ones that I’m to young to have heard of or to have known.

I’d say I’m quite the interesting person. Super patient too. I have always taken photos with any phone I’ve ever had and on my own, self taught myself, to edit photos. Received my very first photography camera a few years ago. It is a Kodak camera. Tend to use my phone or any phone to take photos and edit them.

Figured since this was a hobby of the many that I have .... why not start up a service for those who want non-expensive prices for edited photos and to look professional. Hope your willing to give me a tryout. Every new customer gets a test run of my work, ONE FREE photo edited. Though, until that of either December 31st 2020/January 1st 2021, it will then be the official last day for ANYONE to create their own photo shoot. That includes sending me those photos taken by a photography camera or by phone, that you took to have edited the way that you would want them. That or I can just surprise you. Yes it’ll be FREE. As many photos as YOU would like EDITED FREE up to one of the two dates. Two deadlines before the offer will have ended. Have a Kryptonishing day/night!

For more info or even questions please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you the minute that I can. All payments are accepted through Venmo, $CashApp, PayPal and Apple Pay. PayPal started working for me now. As of now, the following apps are the only ways I can receive payments by/from. Also you will get to choose the price you want to spend if you like the FREE photo(s) (depending on if your doing ONE FREE photo or the FREE photos offer), and you’re not dissatisfied .... the price is up to you and how much your willing to pay to have your photo(s) edited. If you are satisfied with FREE photo(s), then decide you would love to try out my service then you’ll get 2-7 edited photos done for you. Between $2-$4 no more than that. Now, if you’d like to SHARE this service with friends and family. Do know that you’ll have to set up your appointment via my Kryptonishing Photography Facebook Page. Have a super Kryptonishing year!