How I Turned My IG Into My Full Time Job

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First let me tell you about myself I am a full-time mother and influencer. My passion lies in personal progression and always striving for more. I help other women learn how to make money online so they have free time to pursue their dreams. I have no background in social selling or even ever getting on social media, but I learned how to monetize my social media. I went from a girl who could barely get $300 to her name to buying a brand new apartment, car, qualifying for free trips from the company to various states and countries and working to earn a paid for Cadillac. This job has given me the freedom and funds to live on my terms, and be rewarded for the work I put in. I've spoken to and helped over 100 girls, whether you're a mom, college student, 9-to-5 worker, anyone and everyone is capable of learning! If you're looking for an extra income, or want to be supported by an empowering group of girls, or just want more freedom or money for vacations .. etc .. - we need to chat!


Plant-based and anti-aging products are my thing, so if you're struggling with your skin or your hair or just looking for non-toxic and clean products I'd love to help! Feel free to ask me if I have any spots open for social media mentoring! They go quick🤍


The products I work with are specific to you and your hair or skin concerns. Take these three beauty consults to tell me a little bit about your concerns so I can customize your dream clean beauty products! Or, check out some of my links to learn about my business and apply for a mentorship! 

Why You should Join Social Selling

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So you want to partner up to build your dream life; if you're seeking mentor ship on how to make money from your phone and live life on your own terms, keep reading..

i've always had goals and dreams but being a young and broke teenager and new mom dreams tend to seem a little less possible. I'm here to tell you anything you want in life is possible you just have to put in the work! When I first started I didn't have a lot of money to my name I was very discouraged of what people were telling me and how they got successful in this business but I want to tell you that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it anyone can accomplish anything just as long as they are consistent and they have an explorable mindset.

If you're an ambitious woman who is self-motivated and coachable I want to work with you! It's time to make a move! Let's do this TOGETHER!