Hello! I am your Real Estate Personal Shopper  —

I am the time you don't have!

I love selling houses & talking Marketing strategies. But I hate selling myself. So... here are six quick things about me & my work. In, out, nobody gets hurt.

1. I am polyglot. Meaning I speak Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English. I understand, by symbiosis, Catalan and Italian. (I can also say a few stuff in pretty good Urdu/Hindi, but that's an anecdote).

2. I probably invented the whole "Real Estate Personal Shopper" idea when I was 7, in the construction site of a beautiful villa in Algarve, when I asked my father: "Can we buy houses for others?". Also... I grew up with two wild birds (aka my parents); I moved 26 times.

3. I studied in the best Hotel Management School in the world (aka Glion hotel school), where I learned the art of five star client serving & luxury industry management. Surprisingly, it opened the door to my first profesional experience, at Crescendo Capital. It was my introduction to finance, helping my bosses manage UHNI around the world.

4. I lived between Spain & Portugal for the last 10 years, lived all the good & all the bad these countries can bring you. Worked in the Real estate sector since 4 years, I know the deal; visiting, checking, getting frustrated, buying, moving and living in a foreign country with all its exotic secrets and a little chaotic organisation.

5. All my bosses, colleagues, people around me say the same about me: "She finds the solution before the problem comes". I have no merit in this actually, I am anti-conflictive to the bones & I love puzzles, specially when I find their solutions.

6. Also, I don't like to advertise this last one, but I would do this job for free. It is my passion. I feel like a matchmaker, there's nothing more satisfying to me than finding the home/investment someone's been looking for.

In real...

I am here to pre-visit, check, see, ask, know everything about the properties and be sure you don't waist your time visiting things that dont fit or that look "fishy".

Then, once you fall in love or that the match is made (hello real estate Tinder), I am here to negotiate for you, prepare all you need, contract who you need, help you installing... all the way until you're siping that Mojito... ahem... tea in your own terrace or getting the cash from your investment.

Tell me what do you need? Let's plan a zoom and you explain me what you've been through (I am coach too I know the real estate drama) and exactly what you are looking for. Vacation? Investment? All year? Home? Flat? Sea view? Mountain? Golden Visa?

Hire me... I am the key to your future home.

Let's whatsapp over a coffee