Hi 👋 I'm Krystal Caldwell and this is my story!

What if you could change your life by starting your own turn key business, make money anywhere there's internet, and wrinkles were optional?

Let me start off with saying I am a barn rat, farm girl through and through. Horses, chickens, goats, dirt, mudd, blood, sweat and tears make up my life. I went to college for Equine Science and double majored in Business. Came home, got married, bought a brick and mortar business and a farm, had babies...showed up at L&D in my muddy boots...it's go time baby! 😳🤣 The reason I bring this all up is simple, I am the last person you'd guess who makes their living off premium skincare products. Me, the too busy, overworked momma, who keeps a house, makes 3 meals a day, runs a horse boarding farm, gives riding lessons, raises chickens, runs a retail store... you get the picture right? Sweat and grim doesn't exactly fit the profile of beautiful young healthy skin and the glamour of premium skincare. But I'm here to tell ya it works, I love it, I make great money doing it and I want to help you do it too, no matter your background if I can do it you can too! Oh and bonus noone realizes just how close to 40 I really am!

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