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Hey y'all! My name is Krystal and I am a southern girl who loves glam, organizing, food, and fashion. Planning helps me to include all of that together.

I'd like to think that I've always been a planner. I've always made some sort of list to check things off and I've always loved agenda notebooks from school and composition notebooks to journal. I really got into Planning by accident in 2017 when I stumbled across an Erin Condren decorative planner's YouTuber account. I had never seen anyone plan with stickers and I felt like that idea spoke to my decorative heart as well as Incorporated something that I really enjoyed doing.

I started planning with Erin Condren in 2017 and was introduced to The Happy Planner by my planner bestie Southern Tee Time shortly after. I love the customization that The Happy Planner offers with being able to remove pages! With that said I am a fan for life. 😍I have been rocking with @thehappyplanner ever since and there is no comparison when it comes to their stickers. Bling out your planner? Why not?!💎

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Luxclevercrafts is an Etsy Sticker Shop that I own with my sister-in-law Serena also known as Rena Rocs on YouTube. We create script stickers, customize QR code stickers, as well as other kits that can be used in everyday life. Don't forget us when you plan special events. We have created stickers for magnets, wine bottles, businesses, and baby showers. Check us out!


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