[ q & a ]

heyy baes <3 ! im katie aka, @ksmelios . im so happy that im able to make this amazing website for you to know more about me, my mutuals, and all the different things i use to edit!!
- [ when did you become a fan page? ]
i became a fanpage on feburary 21, 2020 <3. my first ever “idol” was zoe pemberton laverne. the zonut account is @zonuts_lav_zoe on tiktok if you want to check it out ;).
- [ how many mutuals do you have? ]
i currently have one of my amazing roblox ibf that i met back in April 2019. we don’t talk a lot, but when we do, we act like we hadn’t just stop talking <3. i also have two of my amazing new ibfs, bailey and amelia !! i love them so much and they deserve the world <33 follow them @blushylqvz and twix_cd !
- [ what apps do you use daily? ]
i use insta and houseparty to talk/facetime my baes/besties, snapchat for streaks, videostar to edit my iconic edits, and tiktok to scroll and post my edits !!
thank you for checking my website <3 if you ever want to ask me questions, please feel free to dm me <33.

about me

[ easier & shorter ]

my name is kate but pls call me katie 😮‍💨
im 11 but im turning 12 pretty soon
i was born in ny, usa, but im hispanic !
my bdays on august 15 😫
im an awesome editor 🥶


[ mbl coloring ]

i currently use fake colorings. but when i get a mbl adder, ill be using fake coloring ! also, if you add mbl dm my insta @ksmelios or on tiktok, @_ksmelios please !! i have been searching for one for like, weeks 😫. they all want me to follow rules and stuff, and when i do all of them they just ignore me-