Come see what has made me feel good again!

It’s so good to be Happy 😃

Hi! I’m Kameye, or as most of my family and close friends call me, Weezie! (That includes my 7 grands and the one on the way)! ✋+✌️+👆💁❤️. As you can tell this Weezie is busy!

I’ve worked in the corporate world since I was 18 years old and well, when my grands got here, I wanted freedom to spend time or help with them…. But I had always worked, and for over 10 years I was a struggling, single Mom…. So to say I was just going to quit and not contribute to our income just wasn’t something I felt right about…. And then I fell in love 😍 with the idea of being my own boss and working part time from anywhere making what I made working for others! And it’s just gotten better over time!

You see, I’m not one to say I’m a Boss Babe, I feel more like a Quirky kind of cool Grandma! This lifestyle is fun, laid back and very rewarding! I have 24/7 support and all of the training is provided to me. Plus, I’ve found that the more effort I put in, the more rewards I see with our daily, weekly and monthly pay! It’s a win/win for me! Happy