Welcome to Kuria’s Case of

all things medicine, comfy scrubs, and dewy skin!

Welcome to Kuria’s Case!

Njeri Kuria is a second year Internal Medicine resident physician in sunny Southern California! She graduated with honors from St. George’s University School of Medicine with her medical degree.

She is passionate about heart health 🫀is an active member of the American College of Cardiology and the Association of Black Cardiologists. Since graduating from medical school, she’s actively promoted social justice and education on race-bias in medicine. She co-authored and presented, Defeating Unconscious Bias: The Role of a Structured, Reflective, and Interactive Workshop, for the National Medical Association where she won in the Resident Research Competition Forum. ✨ Swipe 👉🏾 to educate yourself on these topics!

She holds a bachelors degree in English Writing and edits personal statements for pre-meds and medical students! Swipe 👉🏾 to reach her! ☎️

Fun facts about Njeri:

1. I‘m a Kenyan dual citizen (habari!) 🇰🇪

2. My favorite royal is Princess Margaret 🇬🇧 ....if you know, you know. 😉

3. I had TERRIBLE acne w/scarring about 1 year ago. For anyone, especially adult-acne sufferers and black/brown gals w/post acne hyperpigmentation. Those darks spots take time! See old posts for my regimen ✨

4. I’m either in comfy scrubs or jeans & Birkenstocks.

5. Malcom Gladwell changed my life. Ask me ✨

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