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Writer/editor & beauty fanatic

Having worked in publishing for over 12 years, Kuzai has penned and edited work for numerous glossies including Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, Women’s Weekly, and Cleo.

She currently works as the Content Manager and Sub-Editor of Zafigo while managing the social media content of Malaysian cosmeceuticals brand B&B Labs.

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Some stories I’ve written for Zafigo

Ultimate mother-daughter staycation: Shangri-La KL

The best getaway you could want with your mini me is right here in the heart of the city. Best of all, the parents get to have fun too!

Wanderlust To Wandercuss

Why are people mad at me? When your travelling and going out sparks anger

Yes, You Can Eat In Front Of Me: A Muslim On Fasting Protocols

"To eat or not to eat?" Ah, the age-old question always asked by non-Muslims during Ramadan. As a Muslim, I say "Just eat la!"

#ChooseToChallenge: Raising Little Feminists

As the mother to a young girl in an ever-changing world that’s becoming more ‘woke’ but also more dangerous (oxymoronically? ironically?), there’s one question that plagues my mind more often than the deluge of others – how will she fare in a world dominated by the patriarchy?

City Guide: Port Dickson and Seremban

10 tips for women travelling to Port Dickson and/or Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

#Pinktober: 7 Things You Can Do To Support Breast Cancer Awareness This Month

What to do, eat, and/or buy this month in support of breast cancer awareness and research. You can even donate directly to various causes 💕

Check-ins: Ambong Pool Villas, Langkawi

A first-hand account and (extremely) thorough review of my stay at the Ambong Pool Villas. Nestled high up in the hills, this luxury resort offers much more than you’d think.

City Guide: Langkawi, Kedah

10 tips for women travelling to Langkawi island, a UNECO Global Geopark also known as the ‘Jewel of Kedah’.

City Guide: Kota Bharu, Kelantan

All the things you need to know about my home town! This guide is from a local’s perspective and even lists my favourite places to eat 🥰

How To Travel The World While Practicing Yoga

Yoga is more than fancy poses and covers every aspect of our lives — including travel. I wrote this story to commemorate International Day of Yoga 2020.

Living With Pets In Quarantine

It can be tricky looking after a bratty feline who’s 96 in cat years. Especially during the MCO. Here’s how #TeamZafigo are looking after their furbabies.

The Great Indoors

7 Steps To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Staycation Destination

The Culinary Magic Of Maori Hospitality

This is how I learned about the magic of manaakitanga — the Maori act of welcoming and sharing.

Escaping The Nightlife Of Bali, Indonesia

While Bali is famed for her bustling nightlife and the hedonistic activities that come along with it, what makes this Indonesian island unique is how multi-faceted it is.