Hey There!

Welcome to my Insta-Blog!

Hey y’all! I’m Kylie, a wannabe lifter and food fanatic. I’m a media student, #teambagel, and a Texan transplanted to Alabama (for now).

As a media student, I spend long days on sets. Camera gear is HEAVY, and working as a PA (read: carrying one too many sandbags) made me realize that I wanted to be stronger. So, I begged my friend to go with me to the weight room and show me a few moves.

I really didn’t expect the rush of self-confidence that came when I finished the last, difficult set of that workout, but I was hooked. I realized that strength & fitness is something that I can work on for myself, and that it leaves me feeling happy and productive.

About the same time, I started trying to figure out the whole “cooking” thing. I‘m captain of the same-meals-every-day squad sometimes, so trying new recipes forces me to shake things up a bit. I also have a killer sweet tooth, so I’m learning to make homemade treats too! These two hobbies turned out to be a nice balance; work out to get hungry, eat to fuel the workout. (I don’t believe in “diets,” but I do track my macros to make sure I get enough protein.)

I’m keeping this Instagram blog to act as a diary of my progress and food I love, as well as a place for me to be inspired by all the strong women I follow.


Want to work together? Have a recipe I should know? Want to be pals? Email me!