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My Favorite News From DC Fandome Day 1

What is the DC Fandome I will tell. The DC Fandome is a online event where all of the fan all over the world can come together for two days to enjoy some exclusive content from movies, tv shows, comic books, cartoons, and. The days are August 22,2020 and September 2020 as well.


Wonder Woman 89

First I can’t wait to see Gal Gadot play wonder women again she did so well. All of the costumes we saw in the new trailer are beautiful especially wonder women full armor suit and cheetah costume as well. Also I love that Steve Trevor fanny pack is so cute and funny on him . I love how this story in the movie will tell a different tale in this movie!


The Flash Movie

I love Ezra Miller he is great in fanatic beast and has the Flash. He makes me laugh with this version of the Flash. Also I’m excited that this movie will take place with idea time traveling and the idea of inter- dimensions travel. We also know that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck is coming back as their version on Bat Man as well. Also this new suit is sooooooo much better then what we got in Justice League.


The Batman Movie

First I’m not a really big fan of Roberts Pattinson as but we will see how I feel when he comes on the big screen. Also the cast for the movie is great and I love the take on the version of Batman. This story is a Drama/Crime theme to the movie. The bat suit and bat mobile is sooooo cool!!!


Black Adam Movie

So this movie as been in talks for years and we finally out that it’s going to be happening I’m soooo excited. The Rock Johnson Plays Black Adam and Noah centennial plays the Atom Smasher. We are Having the Justice society: Atom smasher, Hawk man, Dr Fate, and the one and only Cyclone. I’m sooooooo happy to see who plays this chapter!!


Suicide squad 2

We are just going to have to wait and see how this movie goes. We have to see who makes to the end of the movie. Also the cast is so great. Soooooooo extremely excited!


Static shock Movie

The Emmy award nominated character will be coming to theaters soon . This character came out before I was born but I’m so into seeing more back superheroes on the screen!!


Boss Panel with the women of color

I just love seeing women being empowering and me being a woman of color this makes me happy. Also this shows me that women of color can like superheroes but also I’m not alone when something is not right. I can stand up with my powers of rights!!