Hey there!

I’m Kylee

I am 20 years old,
a psychology student, and I am also a super PROUD Marine girlfriend.
Oh and I can’t forget, cat momma to my two fur babies!

I am currently living in Pittsburgh PA while my boyfriend is stationed in NC but we should be together again soon enough! (as long as the Marine Corps doesn’t decide to switch things up on us again) I know my fellow milsos can relate!

So what do I do you ask?

It started when I realized I just wasn’t happy with my day to day. I felt exhausted and all around didn’t feel like I was doing the best I could do, I needed something new.

I had seen a few girls on my instagram feed selling products claiming that they changed their life, for awhile I just sat back and watched.
Once there was a sale I jumped on it, immediately seeing the results from the products I wanted more! After a little bit longer of throwing the idea back and forth I took a leap of faith, and I bought what’s called the 3 Step and became a promoter!

I do all my work right through my phone.
You’re more than likely already on your phone for a good portion of your day, why not make some money while you are at it?

In this company you are given so many great opportunities!
- $800 cash bonus in your first 14 days
- $1000 product credit at the first rank
- an Auto bonus at the second rank
- free products monthly

Girl let’s get you started and do this together!!