About me

I'm excited your here!!! Welcome!

Hey ya'll. I'm so excited you decided to click on my application! First things first let me introduce myself. I'm Kylee and I'm 25 years old and I run my own business selling and promoting health and wellness products along with a small line of cosmetics! I work as a independent contractor for a company called ITWORKS and this business has done nothing but completely change my life! I am married to the most amazing woman ever and together we have Five fur babies😍 I started this business for some extra cash on the side and it's really just been more than that!

Before I started this business I didn't have much friends. I was drowning in bills. Christmas was coming up and I was totally stressed out. This business saved me I was able to jump right in and started earning cash immediately with selling samples and earning Christmas cash weekly!! Before I knew I received my first commission paycheck and I knew this business was going to be a game changer. Since then I have tripled my monthly income and have extra money in the bank after I pay all our bills and the feeling with having leftover money is the best feeling in the world!

I'm looking to expand my team! If you are someone who is drowning in debt, your in college, a stay a home mom, somebody who is financially struggling or maybe you just need some extra cash on the side and your looking for a side hustle. This is for you! I will train you personally and teach you how to be successful. You have to invest into your future for you to be successful! This business will not only change your life but you will build your own business and most importantly you will build life long friendships with the woman on our team! Everyone has there own story and it's time for you to tell yours.

If you would like to join my team please fill out the application in the link card. I can't wait to grow with you and for you to become a part of my team!! Let's reach our goals together💝