who am I

Inspire, love, empower

Hello! I’m Kylene, you can call me Ky! I am 25, an artist, travel junkie, free spirit and proud dog mama. Here, I am a beauty influencer in network marketing for the #1 premium luxury hair care company. 

I’m all about self care and self growth-you have to be your own biggest fan! With that, comes self love and becoming your most confident and beautiful version of yourself inside and out! We have all been given the privilege of walking this Earth, why wouldn’t we do it with our best foot always forward.

I started on this journey when I learned just how many household name beauty products are tested on animals. Being a complete animal lover, I honestly felt so angry and betrayed that I’ve been supporting companies that could do this! Fast forward, and this amazing company fell into my lap. It is not only cruelty free and fantastic for my hair and skin, but also natural, gluten free, and vegan, just to name a few! By being a part of this industry I’ve been welcomed into an amazing community of likeminded people of empowerment, love and positivity. I have felt such an overwhelming sensation of inspiration, love and good vibes for myself, my body, and my look on life in the future! The best part is that you can feel this too!