Hey girl! I'm Kylie!

You're right where you need to be!

Okay so backstory, it's always been my dream to be a SAHM, However I had no intentions of having kids young, but god had different plans.

So 2017
My then boyfriend now fiance and i were living with friends of ours, we had big plans to do every thing in the traditional order then BOOM. I found out i was pregnant!

I went back to living at my moms for a while, had our little girl in 2018, my fiance and i made new plans and BOOM i found out i was pregnant again!!

We found our own place, had our second little girl in 2019, things were going okay but i wasn't working and all the bills just kept piling up on my fiance.

I knew I needed to find something but i didn't want to leave my babies. Then i saw this girl on Facebook living her best life making money AND staying home with her babies!! I knew i had to jump in so i said YES!

Since I've started i don't feel so bad about doing some of the extra things we want. I've currently been in the business for about 4 months and its already so worth it!

I can't wait to go Ruby and be able to do and afford ALL the extra things we love!

You've made it this far! Let's do this together!!

Before you submit this application I want you to know some of the things you’ll learn from me when you start!

• How to make an income from Instagram & Facebook
• The steps to become a successful influencer
• How to create aesthetic IG stories
• How to take IG worthy photos
• How to organically grow your following
• Grow your confidence& so much more!

I will help you transform your social media into a professional brand that personally fits who YOU are + show you how to take advantage of features to bring you in an income!

Ask yourself these first...

• Are you willing to learn?
• Are you ready to commit to something that will change your life?
• Are you ready to have an open mind?

Now let’s take this opportunity and run with it, creating a life by design! Let’s turn your desire into an income & more freedom to say YES!

I’m here to share this with YOU!
I could go on and on about the changes this business has created in so many lives, but I’m ready to see what it will do for YOU! I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you!
Apply below and lets see if this could be a great fit for you!

Love, Kylie