If you’re wanting a sign to start… here it is.


I started this business while ending my sophomore year of college for the sole purpose of getting some products I’d been eyeing for an unbelievable price.

What started with the click of a button has turned into a second income I get to spoil myself with, the healthiest skin I’ve ever had, finally knowing how to apply makeup, and a community I feel empowered from.

I come home from teaching fifth graders every day and I get giddy about hopping onto trainings, empowerment meetings, and checking my email because even after 3 years here… this company continues to blow me away in products and support.

Now let’s talk about how skincare and makeup changed a lot for me… and no, I’m talking about how my face naturally glows now or how I learned how to contour! I was in a really tough place in life after graduating college. I felt lost and like I wasn’t good enough while playing the comparison game on social media. But here’s the thing… with LimeLife I never played the comparison game. In fact, it’s the one thing on Instagram that I was like “hey! I can do that too!!” So I did, I started working harder at this and not only did I start seeing the monetary compensation… I genuinely felt happier. This is a community with a door open to anyone and everyone.

I’m ready to welcome you into it and for you to grow your own brand and favorite corner of the internet. I’ll be right here to help you soar!

If you’re ready to make a leap of faith like I did over 3 years ago and see why I’m continuously amazed… click on the link below. I look forward to learning about you and what you want out of the greatest yes to an opportunity. I promise.. you can do this, too!