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Just a girl in her mid twenties trying to fill her wanderlust desires and create a life by design while building businesses & booties.

This is where fitness meets balance, healthy living, self love and growth. With a few style/beauty tips & tricks thrown at ya too!


Hello Spring!

With spring right around the corner I wanted to share some tips, tricks and recommendations on how to bounce back from the cooler temps and help get your body and mind ready for the warmer days ahead!

Try a Barre Class!

Barre helps strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk and improves your posture. It also helps increase cardiovascular endurance and your metabolism to help quickly burn calories. It’s a great workout to get back into for anyone because of the low impact of the workout! Strengthen, lengthen and tone while rebooting your metabolism and get your heart rate going with me every Mon, Wed and Thur morning at 9:30am!

Pure 30 Tune Up

When the temperature drops in the winter your body is always working harder to generate additional heat when it’s cold. your skin is drier, your body is feeling more aches and pains then usual from the cold, and you might be feeling more exhausted because you are not being as active as you are in the warmer months. THIS IS NORMAL. Your body needs a spring tune-up to reset the ph and alkaline levels and reboot the metabolism and energy back up! My 30 day detox program is clean, safe and effective to reboot your body for the spring season. It’s all about gut healthy and getting you healthy from the inside out!

Spring Cleaning

Every March I clean my entire apartment, put out the spring colors and decorations and let the brightness overwhelm me! It feels AMAZING! I also clean out my closet.. EVERY SEASON! Some stuff I donate, some I bring to Consignment shops or I sell on Poshmark and exchange my old clothes for something new but recycled as well! Save money and the planet all while getting a new wardrobe! That’s a win!

Reflect & Goal Setting

Reflect back on the goals you set with the new year.. how are you doing with those goals? Have you fallen off? Are there new goals you want to achieve? It’s ok, no matter what the case, go back, reflect and reset yourself with new intentions and get excited for the new change of season and everything that comes with it! It’s never too late to follow your dreams!