About Me

Hey love, so happy you are here!

First and foremost I am a horse and dog mom! My girls are the reason I do all that I do. I was blessed enough to be chosen by both of them at exactly the right moment in time. They push me to be a better person and to they keep me in integrity with myself.

I am a daughter to two amazing human beings who support me in all that I do and always give me their best guidance. My parents truly are special and they are my why. If I can give back to them a fraction of what they have given to me, I will be accomplished. I am also a sister and auntie. We laugh, talk loud, love each other, and joke around. There’s nothing more important than family.

My journey thus far has been an interesting and fun one! I am a mix of East Coast sass and West Coast vibes, who is now living in Texas with some southern charm.

I have been an educator for over a decade and truly love what I do in my classroom. My students have been my greatest success in my career and they have brought me more joy than most can comprehend. It’s amazing how wise and intuitive kids are. Having many conversations over the years things begin to stick out like, “You can be doing something more, bigger, with your life than just teaching. Doing something that impacts the whole community and still allow you to see your ‘babies’.” Well, they are right! That’s what I’m here doing now! Expanding my classroom to the world stage and guiding people to the actualization of their dreams!