10 Week Group Coaching Program

The Self Healers Initiation

'The Self Healers Initiation' is a 10-week group coaching program designed for those who desire to walk in their truth, be in alignment w/ source, and heal from past experiences that negatively impacted them. Choose your transformation TODAY!

As a personal development coach with a couple years of experience; I understand how giving yourself permission to step into your authenticity may feel fearful. Especially if you were not given a safe space to explore your individual beliefs, voice, truth, and alignment.

...But that is exactly why this 10 week program was created. It is your divine birth right to live in your authenticity no matter how that may look. You are worthy of fully embodying what your soul desperately wants to express itself as out to the world. Allow this program to be a safe haven for you

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What To Look Forward To

•Bi-Weekly supportive group coaching calls via Zoom.
•In between group text message support via Voxer.
•One collective tarot/oracle reading.
•Lifetime access to thinkific modules.
•A group of self-healers who are understanding and patient just like you.
•Weekly actionable plans, journaling prompts, and exercises to help you get results.
•Curated information backed by research for you to apply daily.

If you are ready to join a group of like minded souls to transform with “The Self Healers Initiation” is your safe space.

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Private 1:1 Session - (60-90 minutes)

The purpose of this session is to identify the blockages or traits that has been causing you to feel lost, stuck, anxious, and/or depressed. During our time together we will find the root cause to understand the blockage by interpreting its meaning and reframing the mind by creating habits and new ways of thinking in order to move forward with a more prosperous, joyful life. I will contact you via text or email to confirm a time and date that works for me and you. You will be sent an email with an intake form attached. Please submit the form 24 hours before the session begins. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or direct message me on Facebook or Instagram.

MORE IN DEPTH EXPLANATION: Before the session, I will send you an intake form. The purpose of the form is to help you & I know which direction we should take to make the most of our time (60-90 minutes.) I’ll help you to gain access to the subconscious mind to find the root to your problem and/or conflict. From there we will interpret the meaning that you’ve attached to the root, which will explain your current mental/emotional state. After understanding the root, we can then go in to reprogram it. Thereafter, develop practical habits and routines to implement for 30 days so that it sticks. This will help you to manage + cope with your stress, anxiety, depression, insecurities + more.

Please make sure that you make time for our session, which will be 60-90 minutes. Be in a place with very little to no interruptions.

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About Kyra Beasley

Kyra is a self development & mindset coach with a concentration in shadow work and inner child healing. She uses divination tools such as tarot & oracles cards to help clients gain clarity of their life's purpose and challenges. Kyra creates alternative products, services, and programs for clients who have the desire to realign with the most authentic, powerful version of themselves through development and mindset.