Hi Friends!!! I'm Kyria, but my friends call me Ky!

I'm here to help you change your life!!!

Six years ago a lady messaged me about a business opportunity. I, not trusting online businesses, did not hesitate to turn her down. She had sent me a friend request at that time and I had excepted. For 6 years I watched this lady work her business. She was like me, a stay-at-home momma who was just trying to make ends meet. AND then I watched her grow her business! Her and her husband moved to another state and they bought their own home, a new vehicle, and paid off ALL their debt. This lady is now a friend of mine, and although I am not proud of waiting so long 😆 I am proud to be her colleague in this business!

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason! Six years ago wasn't my time. My time is right now, and if you're here that means you're feeling it as well!

I work on social media and coach others on how to take better care of themselves! I, myself, have had MANY struggles! I am a mom of nine and I know what it's like to barely make ends meet! I have had to see the disappointed looks on my children's faces as they wish for more time with their mom or wish they could get something that we really couldn't afford. One day I finally had enough! I decided that I was made for more! My children, my family deserve more! Every month my paycheck grows and I am able to save more for the passenger van that we badly need and one day our own home!

I am surrounded by like-minded and ambitious women who lift me up and encourage my success. If I can succeed at this job, so can you! Stop doubting yourself! Start believing that you can and will create a better life for yourself, for your family! Trust me when I say that you won't regret it! Trust that you can do this!
•You can work whatever hours you want!
•Take off whatever days you need! •Make this your full-time or part-time job!
It's your choice what you want to earn. You deserve more! Your life is yours! Please know that I am here to help you in any way to reach your goals when you're ready!

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